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saint paul

Only A Fool Is Never Afraid

Things change with time. I get that. There are bands I used to obsess over growing up that I haven't kept track of. There are also some that I still follow religiously. Regardless of if I've been able to catch... Continue Reading →

We Are Elite

I miss my bed. I miss my cats. I miss eating real food and watching trashy TV shows with my roommate. Last night was a prime example of why I do what I do. My obsession with music and concerts... Continue Reading →

When A Fire Starts To Burn

I've never been big into the "techno" scene. It's just not for me. I can't justify paying $20+ just to see someone hit the spacebar on their computer. Last night changed my whole perception of the "techno" scene. It was... Continue Reading →

Bitch, I’m Madonna!

I'm not naive. I know that the majority of the pop stars these days don't sing live. I know that they focus more on the performance than the talent. That's fine and dandy. I get it and it's not that... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Wanna Think About It I Just Wanna Get Down

"Who's from Minneapolis?" "Who's from Saint Paul?" "What's the difference?" Those words from Trash Talk singer, Lee Spielman, really stuck with me. It didn't matter what city you were from. It didn't matter what kind of music you usually listen... Continue Reading →

Support Your Scene

I'd like to think I have surrounded myself with some of the best people the Twin Cities has to offer. My friends are the greatest, most talented people in the local music scene and last night proved that. I'm going... Continue Reading →

Shhhh… It’s A Secret

The most important thing about a local music scene is support. You have to have people support you in order to do the thing you love... make music. Yesterday was a prime example of this. It was hot as hell... Continue Reading →

Like Father, Like Daughter

I grew up on jazz music. Scratch that. My dad blared jazz music every morning and every night from the living room at home and I was lucky enough to have my bedroom on the ground level of the house... Continue Reading →

There Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

Note to bands: Do NOT come out on stage without a shirt on. Here are my reasons why: 1.) You have yet to do anything to warrant the shirtlessness 2.) You probably aren't as attractive as you think you are... Continue Reading →

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