I’ve never been big into the “techno” scene. It’s just not for me. I can’t justify paying $20+ just to see someone hit the spacebar on their computer.

Last night changed my whole perception of the “techno” scene. It was not just a guy on his computer/ tables (well, the first two acts were) but the headliner was two guys with real, live instruments and a hell of a lot of talent.

Disclosure is a techno (my friend kept calling it “deep house” but techno is so much easier to say) duo from England. They are a pair of brothers who have taken this whole scene by storm and have helped push this whole genre into the popular music world.

You might even know one of their songs, Latch, which features vocals done by Sam Smith. It seems like Disclosure has done songs featuring everyone who is anyone including Lorde, The Weeknd, Sam Smith, and many, many more. Knowing this walking in, I figured that it would be a boring show. Obviously Sam Smith was not going to pop up to play one song. Obviously the Weeknd was not randomly in Saint Paul last night. I was worried that this meant it would sound just like it did on CD. What was I going to watch? There wouldn’t be a singer up there dominating the stage.

From the second Disclosure took the stage until, almost two hours later, when they left, I was mesmerized. I was captivated by the light show, by the people watching, by the dancing, by the jumping and most of all, by the music.

It was everything except for boring. Even though there was no singer on stage, they were able to make it interesting and make it so there was something to watch at all times. In lieu of a singer, they used their spectacular light show to show people singing on the screen behind them.

The best thing about these guys? It was done live. It wasn’t just two geeks behind computers and turntables all night. They were playing the drums, playing keyboards, playing guitars and bass. Everything about this duo was live and amazing. The brothers seemed to be individually enclosed in a half circle of instruments. They would be on the keyboards for one beat and then as soon as you blinked, they would have a bass in hand or would be hitting one of the many cymbals that were on this half circle contraption.

All of this being said, the first two acts were exactly what I pictured in my mind. They were just guys stuck behind a computer “playing beats”. I thought this was going to be the worst but honestly, it wasn’t as boring and lame as I thought. Even though there were no instruments to watch, the people watching was prime and the light show, although not as extravagant as Disclosure’s, was astounding. Plus, I have to admit, the music was catchy and enjoyable.

I still don’t think I quite understand “techno”, and honestly, I would still much rather go to a metal show. But that being said, I am looking forward to the many “techno” shows that have seemed to take over my ‘off nights’ in my calendar.

Don’t knock it until you try it!

Line Up:


Claude VonStroke


Venue: Roy Wilkins Auditorium

Sausage Fest Meter-  Even Playing Field

Broken Bones- None

Average Age- Early to Mid 20’s

Spotted Flying Through The Sky- Glow Sticks