Girl at the Rock Shows



It’s Like We Were Almost Famous

It was nearly two hours before show time and there was already a line in front of The Varsity Theater for Tuesday night's show. My friend and I cracked a couple of jokes as we walked past the young kids... Continue Reading →


We’re Off To Never–, Neverland

Comedian Jim Breuer (who happened to open Wednesday night's Metallica show) explained it perfectly. It's those goosebumps you get as the lights go on and the anticipation of seeing a legendary group perform reaches it's breaking point. It's that chill... Continue Reading →

Island of the Damned

Seeing bands take the stage that haven't done so in over thirty years is truly a special sight. I could have been at the Taylor Swift show last night watching pop-music in it's best form with a show full of... Continue Reading →

If I Go Crazy Then Will You Still Call Me Superman?

If Wednesday night was considered my tour of 2000's nostalgia, then Thursday night's show was my tour of 19990's nostalgia. With a couple of hit songs that still sneak into my daily playlist and a bunch of songs I had... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* The View From Here- ‘New Perspective’

Although I know there's a million great new bands out there, I find myself listening to the same crap I was listening to in high school day after day. Call it a sense of comfort, call it a love for... Continue Reading →

Rock the Garden 2018

I wasn't excited about yesterday-- not going to lie. The line-up did nothing for me (okay, if freaking sucked other than one or two highlights), it was hotter than hell and, well, I have yet to finish binge watching the... Continue Reading →

Does It Sound Just Like What They Told You?

I had wanted to cover the AJR show last night in Minneapolis but, after not hearing back from their PR regarding covering the show, I decided that paying the ticket price to hear just one song I hate to admit... Continue Reading →

Destination Exile

So a horse and a unicorn walk into Lee's Liquor Lounge on a Friday night... No, that's not a joke, that's seriously what happened last night. Last night was a celebration for a local instrumental metal band that is quickly... Continue Reading →

Big Freedia, Queen Diva

The queen of bounce was in town last night and there was no way I was missing it. I found myself watching Big Freedia two years ago at a local block party and since then have been in love with... Continue Reading →

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