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Milk St. – “Pixie Cuts and Angel Dust”

I shared out "Just Lust" from Milk St. back in March (read it HERE!) but I have quite a few new followers and people looking at this page these days so I figured now is a good of time as... Continue Reading →

Saticöy – “Not Sorry”

Much like the title of this song says, I'm "Not Sorry" for anything right now. I'm especially "Not Sorry" for sharing this amazing track with you that will inevitably turn into an ear worm that you can't escape. Saticöy has... Continue Reading →

poıntless – “What They Call Me”

What a dark and dreary day up here in Minneapolis. I typically thrive in this environment but today it just has me feeling sleepy and ready to head home and take a nap before my show tonight. Thankfully, I have... Continue Reading →

¡ponce! – “Irascible”

I'm already frustrated with myself today. It's just one of those days where my mind is feeling super motivated to get crap done but I'm just physically exhausted and feel like I'm going too slow because of it. So here... Continue Reading →

Talk Heavy – “The Song That Plays (When Marissa Shoots Trey)”

I don't know what just happened by my optimistic attitude for the day disappeared in the blink of an eye and I am half ready to leave work early just so I can go home and cry. I won't actually... Continue Reading →

Decade & A Day – “Shrek 2 Is The Best In The Series & You Can’t Change My Mind”

Sorry, Decade & A Day-- I'm going to have to disagree with you. We all know that the OG Shrek is the best Shrek but I still love you and your track "Shrek 2 Is The Best In The Series... Continue Reading →

I’m At My Best When I’m At My Worst

There are certain voices that evoke a strong sense of emotion from within. One of those voices, for me, is Tim Kasher. Whether he's performing solo, as part of The Good Life (undoubtedly my favorite project of his), Cursive, or... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Emily Sera of Coming Up Roses

"Utopia Reimagined: These Corners" from Coming Up Roses is absolutely stunning and haunting. When I first pushed play on the track and video, I figured I would be able to have it play in the background and continue working while... Continue Reading →

Still Right Here

It has been so long since I have pulled double duty but it was a necessary thing yesterday. So many shows happening and I wanted to see them all. Unfortunately, I only made it to two but those two were... Continue Reading →

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