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They Don’t Understand We Make Our Own Rules

It was another night where there was far too much going on in the Twin Cities for me to list. I headed downtown a little early to try and catch some of the Prince festivities that were taking place in... Continue Reading →


Funky Friday

There are too many things going on this weekend to list. Being the one year anniversary of Prince's untimely death, Minneapolis is going hard all weekend with block parties, dance parties, and just parties in general to celebrate the life... Continue Reading →

Understanding In A Car Crash

There are very few bands left on my "need to see live" bucket list. Sure, there are a bunch of bands that would be cool to see live but it's not the end of the world if I don't catch... Continue Reading →

You Know The Science Of Falling

I went into the show last night with no expectations. There haven't been many shows I've been dying to see lately but, with a full week of concerts coming up, I knew I had to get back into the swing... Continue Reading →

If This Is Who I Am Then Where Is Who I Was

Last night's show was nothing short of a celebration. We were celebrating the release of friend's music. Celebrating the enormous amount of talent our friends have. Most importantly, we were celebrating just how amazing the Twin Cities metal scene is.... Continue Reading →

I Make The City Move

Before I even stepped foot in the venue last night, I witnessed security walking a young guy to his car. Apparently he had tried to enter the doors before ┬áit was his turn and security was just not having it.... Continue Reading →

Time Doesn’t Wait For Me

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and, like every other year, there were dozens of shows I wanted to check out on top of my desire to join my friends in downtown St. Paul for the parade and giant block party... Continue Reading →

The Pit’s Our Church

With a 9 o'clock start time, I was kind of dreading the show last night. Sure, I can be a night owl when I want to be but, on a Monday after working my day job with the inevitable 5:30AM... Continue Reading →

And Now My Life Is Envied By All

There's nothing like a ska show. They are the type of shows where, even without alcohol pumping through your veins, you can't help but dance around like an idiot. The feeling you get in the audience of a ska show... Continue Reading →

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