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Mason MetalFest #2

There were ten bands that performed yesterday. Ten amazing local metal bands that are truly too big for this local scene. I could talk about each of them in depth and point out the highlights and the flaws in each... Continue Reading →


*Album Review* Joshua Powell- ‘Psychotropic’

Like usual, I have no clue how I got connected with Joshua Powell but when his "Psychotropic" CD came across my desk alongside with a press release calling it an "acid trip for the whole family", well, do I really... Continue Reading →

Her Ghost In The Fog

I don't think it was until I was walking up to the venue when I realized I had never seen Cradle of Filth before. I've listened to them for years and have always been in love with their dark imagery... Continue Reading →

I’ve Done All I Can

I had do something to help me from feeling as adult as I did after enjoying the Michael BublĂ©. It honestly scared me how much I loved that show. Maybe it was the comfy seats or the calmness of it... Continue Reading →

I Just Haven’t Met You Yet

Stuffy, boring, and home by 10 was what I thought I'd get last night. Personable, exciting and home just after 11:30 was what I got. I honestly don't know what compelled me to sign up to cover Monday night's Michael... Continue Reading →

Anarchy And Disney

My weekend was nothing more than a hot mess if I'm being honest. From the drunken shenanigans that was Emo Night on Friday night to a trip to Saint Paul for their insane St. Patrick's day celebration, I got absolutely... Continue Reading →

I Want To Fight It All

The show I was planning on going to last night was cancelled. I was super bummer. It was supposed to be a night with Palmer T. Lee- a musician I fell in love with after reviewing his new album but,... Continue Reading →

Dreams Are Hard To Follow

I get a million amazing opportunities. From covering legends that I have been worshiping for years to covering the hottest new acts out there. I am truly a very, very lucky gal. One of those amazing opportunities came last night.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Love Ever Again

Last night was the first time I felt the heat of a concert and to say it made me smile from ear to ear would be an understatement. The temperatures are rising outside, the snow turning to rain and people... Continue Reading →

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