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Double Bear – ‘Sunday The Race’

It has been a long couple of days and I mean that in the best possible. I've been going hard at shows since Thursday and my surprise four-hour nap this afternoon is proof that, although amazing, it has been an... Continue Reading →

Jumping Ship – ‘Good Grief’

I'm on a roll tonight and there's no stopping me so why waste any time? Let's jump right into Jumping Ship's new EP, 'Good Grief'! "Attic" kicks this EP off in a very simple yet striking way. An echoed guitar... Continue Reading →

Lovewell – ‘Some Songs’

I don't know what I'm in the mood to listen to right now and I'm not sure I can commit to a full album or even EP from a new artist right now but thankfully, I have this bright yellow... Continue Reading →

Brianna Kocka – ‘Let It Stay’

Yeah, life is crazy and I know it's been a while since I've written an album review and I'm sorry but I'm back! I'm feeling motivated and full of energy as I edge closer to a giant life change (which... Continue Reading →

Quorum – ‘The Death of Intellectual Success’

There's something mysterious about the cover of Quorum's 'The Death of Intellectual Success'. I mean, the album title alone has me intrigued but the very classic and simple yet somehow theatrical cover has me excited to dig into what this band... Continue Reading →

Salvo – ‘Never Been’

It's Saturday morning, my windows are open, and I'm finally starting to feel better after a nasty fight with strep throat. Things couldn't get much better right now but I need some new tunes to help soundtrack what I hope... Continue Reading →

Pricked – ‘Undo / Redo’

I disappeared again. Sorry guys. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you I am the queen of strep throat. I get it often yet always power through. Honestly, I was due for a good bout of strep... Continue Reading →

The Jacklights – ‘Drift’

I am honestly still riding a high after seeing a bucket list band last night. I've been in a haze ever since and there seems to be no end in sight. I'm hoping that checking out some new music will maybe... Continue Reading →

Corey Crumpacker – ‘Royal Blood’

The Nathaniel Rateliff vibe I got from Corey Crumpacker's single "Mirrors" had me intrigued. Although I have to be in the right mood for music like Nathaniel Rateliff, I feel like tonight is the night and I can't wait to dig into... Continue Reading →

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