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Riley Pearce- ‘Love and All That Stuff’

I'm honestly too anxious to jump into Riley Pearce's EP 'Love and All That Stuff' after hearing "Night.Love.Sleep" so let's just get into it! "All My Love" starts this five-song EP off on a truly beautiful note. Just like the... Continue Reading →

Matias Poro- ‘I’m Not Ok With U’

I got my first vaccine shot yesterday and to say I'm relieved would be an understatement. I know it's not done. I know I still need to get another shot and I know that, even then, the pandemic rages on... Continue Reading →

pretty/normal- ‘pretty/normal’

I get my first vaccine shot tomorrow and I'd be lying if I said my anxiety wasn't starting to get the best of me. I need something to calm me down and something about pretty/normal's self-titled EP says it will... Continue Reading →

Keeper- ‘Guess I’m Keeper’

It's definitely a Monday. It's not even 8 PM and I'm already dragging. I need something to lift me up and get me in the mood to finish this day out strong. Will Keeper's EP 'Guess I'm Keeper' be the... Continue Reading →

Subcon- ‘Suburban Gutterpunk’

When I heard "Heartstring" by Subcon, I couldn't tell if I was in love or not. There was something familiar about the sound but something almost a little too "youthful" for me. I was intrigued nontheless so I was super... Continue Reading →

Elvis Batchild- ‘Batchild Begins’

It is a perfect day to get outside and clean up my garden. I have big hopes of making a sustainable garden for myself this year but I'm procrastinating-- I won't lie. Maybe it's the fear of finding a bunch... Continue Reading →

Taylor Curtis- ‘Neurotica’

Happy Sunday and happy Easter to those that celebrate it! I've spent my day scrubbing down my house and, now that it's done and I have the sun soaking in through my windows, I'm ready to check out some new... Continue Reading →

Blue Tomorrows- ‘Future Proof’

Cassettes are a lost art, at least that's what I thought until recently. Lately, my mailbox has been full of cassettes and it honestly makes me so happy so why not jump into one of these to remind me just... Continue Reading →

Puppy Feet- ‘Unconditionally Terrified’

We made it everyone! Happy Saturday! If you had a week like mine, you more than deserve this weekend. To celebrate making it through the trying week, let's jump into some new music starting with Puppy Feet's brand new EP,... Continue Reading →

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