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*Album Review* Bonefire- ‘Murderapolis’

Bonefire is one of those bands that I saw once and instantly fell in love with. Their intensity and in your face attitude is something that most bands just don't have anymore but they had it and it created a... Continue Reading →


*Album Review* Autopilot- ‘Afterglow’

I'm not sure how I connected with the Canadian band Autopilot but, regardless, I'm thankful. I got a package in the mail with their latest album "Afterglow" and it hasn't left my stereo since. Their sound is a refreshing take... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Version 5- ‘Version 5’

I'm not typically a fan of EP's. A handful of songs just isn't enough for me to fall head over heels for a band and I hate only having a couple of songs to listen to over and over again--... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Matyrker- ‘Emanation’

Matyrker is the solo project of Matt McDonnell. Yes, you heard that right... solo project. But don't get the image of an acoustic guitarist wearing a plaid shirt in the corner of a coffeeshop pop into your head. 'Emanation' is... Continue Reading →

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