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Horse Tornado – ‘The Great Pause’

When I first heard "Chicago Ave" from Horse Tornado, I fell in love. It has been a strange time to be living in Minneapolis and I feel like Horse Tornado (AKA┬áDylan Hilliker) captured the emotion, confusion, frustration, and everything else... Continue Reading →

Homeless Radio – ‘The Truth’

It is hotter than hot out today. I was honestly going to spend my evening and night at the pool but it's just too downright hot to even make the trek over so, instead, let's check out some new music... Continue Reading →

Can I Say – ‘Flood’

I'm going to a show tomorrow! A real-life show! I know, I know, it's not my first one back but I'm still super excited for any show I get! Half of me wants to go to bed in preparation for... Continue Reading →

Black & White Motion Picture – ‘Black & White Motion Picture’

The cats have been fed, the plants have been watered, dishes are done... yeah, I'm kind of killing it tonight! The only way to end such a productive evening is by checking out some new music so let's start with... Continue Reading →

Tripper and the Wild Things – ‘Boomerang Kids’

The first day back after a long weekend is always the hardest. I'm struggling over here but I'm determined to find some new music to help me get through this quick but surely rough week. Will Tripper and the Wild... Continue Reading →

Another Hospital – ‘Proof of Context’

What an insane weekend! I fear that I will never catch up after taking the weekend off to spend some time with my mom but it was well worth it. I should really be cleaning the house and getting back... Continue Reading →

Suzi Moon – ‘Call The Shots’

I'll be honest, I usually deny requests to cover "EPs" that are less than four songs. I just feel like there's not enough to write about with three or fewer songs but then I heard Suzi Moon's single "Special Place... Continue Reading →

Glaare – ‘Your Hellbound Heart’

I've been slacking on reviews lately. I know this and I'm sorry. Life has just been insane and I'm still struggling to find a balance now that live shows are coming back and being social is an option again. Even... Continue Reading →

Eternal Boy – ‘Bad Days Are Over’

I was catapulted into a world of pop-punk perfection the first time I heard "Thirty Something" from Eternal Boy. When I heard they had a full album come out, I just couldn't contain my excitement. Sadly, life has gotten in... Continue Reading →

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