It still hasn’t started snowing here in Minneapolis. I’m a bit bummed as it’s such a cozy day in and snow would just be the icing on the cake but that’s okay, I’m still having a great night being “stuck inside”. All I need is a new album to get hooked on to continue my conquest of scrubbing down my house. Will ‘Infinity is Whatever’ from Neil Jung be the ticket?

This nineteen minute EP kicks off with the opening track, “No Cavities”. The intro to this track is soft and sweet with a simple yet gorgeous guitar part getting this started but, before long, the entire band comes in. Although there’s no denying the full band sound, there’s still something ridiculously calming and chill about this opening song which fit my current mentality perfect. The vocals are smooth and soft with the chosen words but pack a punch of pure emotion with every word that passes by. The instrumentation compliments the vocals which is something I think will be a signature move of Neil Jung. I only say that because they have nailed the balance of vocals and instrumentation so perfectly and it’s something that you don’t always get but it seems so effortless for this band.

“Alright, Okay” has a triumphant beginning when compared to the opening track yet is still in that odd chill yet explosive world of things. As the vocals come in on this one, I was instantly reminded of Jets to Brazil. It has that vibe but with just a bit more of an edge to it. Although I can’t pinpoint if that edge is from the instrumentation or vocals, it’s there, trust me. The chorus of this song is not your typical bop yet I found it instantly got stuck in my head and, even after this song was done playing, I was humming it in my head.

I thought I had Neil Jung pegged as just a chill indie-rock band but that’s when “Washing Machine” started. Yes, I know this song is still clearly that of Neil Jung but the way the band starts the song just to stop and restart on the recording gives it this DIY twist that I was not expecting. I liked the charm that this intro brought it an already charming track. On top of that, this song seems to focus a bit more on that edge I had been talking about. It’s not quite a punk song but it definitely has a bit more strength behind everything in this track giving it the false feeling of a punk jam.

At just over a minute and a half, “Waster” is the shortest track on this album but I felt that the emotional punch that this song brings to the table makes it so much more than just a short song. There’s an almost southern tinge to the vocals here that reminded me a bit of Limbeck with the way it fit in with the guitarwork. The vocals come off as very heart-on-sleeve styled yet there’s a polished feeling to everything in this song which, when combined with the infectious beat, makes “Waster” a certified bop if you ask me.

“Can’t Help Feelin'” is another fairly short song as it’s just a hair under two minutes long. You get to see a new side of Neil Jung in this track. This track is definitely a bit more tender than some of the previous songs. It had a bit of the same vibe as I got from “No Cavities” but just a bit more depth which I adored. Slow and steady is the name of the game when it comes to the beat of this song but don’t let it fool you. This is another one of those tracks that will somehow subtly get stuck in your mind and leave you thinking about it long after your first listen to the song. There’s a pretty epic crescendo and slight explosion in this track that is epic so make sure to stick around for the entire song. I mean, come on, its less than two minutes long, that’s the least you could do, really.

“Algae” is the final piece of art on the masterpiece that is “Infinity is Whatever”. This track, like all good ending tracks, gives you a little bit of everything that had been laid out in the previous tracks while adding some surprises along the way. Passion and heart drip out of this song with every passing beat. Whether it’s the vocals, the guitar, the bass, or the drums, you can feel the words pass through your soul as they play through the speakers. Rises and falls throughout the five minute and ten second track create a journey that is hard to end but, when it does end, I was left feeling completely satisfied.

‘Infinity is Whatever’ started five years ago and primarily recorded back in December of 2018. Neil Jung then played their first show in 2019 but we all know what happened next– pandemic. This meant that ‘Infinity is Whatever’ sat on the shelf for awhile. I, for one, am so glad that the pandemic did not mean the end for Neil Jung and that they gifted the world with ‘Infinity is Whatever’. This is a brilliant EP full of life, passion, and emotion. It’s catchy but original and will make you feels things all the way down to your soul.

My Favorite Track(s): “No Cavities

For Fans Of: Tender yet energetic indie-rock; Teenage Fanclub; Strongly emotional yet accessible music

Mosh-ability: 3 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Alfie stared out the front window; Autumn laid on the back of the couch; Artie slept on the kitchen floor

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 7 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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