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born of osiris

Wave Goodbye To The Past

Although shows are slowly but surely starting to pick up, something has been missing since the first of the year. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but, as soon as I walked into The Cabooze on Saturday night,... Continue Reading →

Nothing Remains, Nothing Is Safe

I've been to a bunch of shows lately (clearly), but I haven't had been to a good old fashioned local metal show with my friends in a couple of weeks. I've been craving it and, even though Saturday's show was... Continue Reading →

If Murder Was Music

Last night was the most perfect ending to an exhausting (but good) seven day concert bender. I got to see Gwar again last night. Like I said in my last post about them (The Blood Pit of Horror), it's the... Continue Reading →

Rock in Peace

I preach this in almost every blog I write but I can not stress it enough. When you're in a music scene, when you go to concerts, when you meet bands, you are joining a family. You stick with that... Continue Reading →

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