Last night was the most perfect ending to an exhausting (but good) seven day concert bender.

I got to see Gwar again last night.

Like I said in my last post about them (The Blood Pit of Horror), it’s the type of show that you really can’t put into words.

Their shtick was the exact same that I saw less than two months ago in Des Moines but I’m not complaining. The amount of work and time that goes into making a Gwar show happen is absolutely ridiculous and I wouldn’t expect them to have a different show every night or even every month.

The difference between the show in Des Moines and last night was the venue, the company, the feeling I got, my willingness to get drenched in blood. Hell, there was nothing similar to the two shows other than Gwar’s shtick.

In Des Moines I felt somewhat alone. It was just my buddy Chris and I. I didn’t get a huge sense of family but then again, I will look for any reason to hate that town. Because of this, I hung in the back of that show. Last night, I was part of a family. I was surrounded by my friends and because of that, I was in the middle of all of it.

I will be the first to admit, my moshing skills have rapidly declined since I messed up my nose at the August Burns Red show I went to months ago (before I started this blog). That kind of scared me away. It is my own issue and something I’ve been trying to overcome. Because of this, I stuck to the edges of the pit last night but that was one step closer than I had been in the past few months and I couldn’t have asked for a better show for me to face that fear at.

The second the cold “blood” hit my skin, the exhaustion I felt, the scared feeling I got from being in a pit, the sore throat I’ve been fighting for a couple of days all fell to the wayside.

Within the first song, I was already soaked in the fake blood that Gwar dumps on the crowd. I could barely open my eyes because every time I did, I would get squirted by the cold liquid instantly.

Gwar played for right around an hour and a half. It was the best, most therapeutic, hour and a half I had had all week and I thought of it as my “present” for getting through this week of shows, work, and everything else, without a major mental breakdown.

There were limbs flying everywhere. I was getting fists to my shoulders, elbows to my back, feet to my legs. Every hit hurt but it was the best kind of hurt and after awhile I just became numb to it.

By the time the show was done, I was literally dripping in fake blood. My clothes were drenched, my hair was a knotty mess, I felt like I had water in my ears but I knew it was just more fake blood.

I’m absolutely exhausted. Chances are high that I sleep majority of today away. That being said, Gwar was the perfect ending to what was a perfect week.

Line Up:


Born of Osiris



Venue: Cabooze

Sausage Fest Meter- 40912 out of 10

Average Age of the Crowd- 20 somethings

Crowd Surfers- 14 but here’s the catch… there was nowhere to put them if they made it to the stage so security was just pushing and throwing them back into the crowd

Spotted Flying Through The Sky- Fake Blood

Broken Bones- 1 guy stumbled out of the pit with a nasty looking broken nose

Drunkards Taken Out By Security- None

Found in the Pit- Pools of blood, earplugs, shoes, hats, cardboard boxes?