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Hill Climber – “The Blood Spring”

It's not even nine in the morning yet but I'm already having a day over here. I have a dentist appointment, more calls than there are hours in a day, a show tonight, and just work and house stuff that... Continue Reading →

Repetition Is Only Failure

I feel like I never realize just how badly I need a metal show until I get there. Last night was a prime example. My day seemed fine and, other than my exhaustion that never seems to go away, all... Continue Reading →

We Lost Our Battle To Win The War

I've done sold out shows before. Hell, all week has been sold out or next to sold out shows but last night was beyond sold out. I was honestly shocked. Not trying to lessen the talent of any of the... Continue Reading →

The Last Dance Is Just Another Story

It has been a week of non-stop shows. Each one seemed to be a bit better than the last and I even found a new love for bluegrass and jam band music. Even with all of the amazing shows that... Continue Reading →

My Reign Is Forever

I had a friend with me last night who knew nothing about metal music. She is a journalist for the other blog I work for and had an off night. Like me, a show sounded more appealing to her than... Continue Reading →

Call To Destruction

Last night was a bit rough. There were high and low points of the show but definitely more low than high. I was a bit bummed but, let's be honest, all of the shows I've been to lately have been... Continue Reading →

Take Me Back To My Past

I wasn't planning on going to the show last night. It wasn't that I didn't want to, because I did. It was more, it was expensive and with a trip down to Des Moines tomorrow, a night off wasn't going... Continue Reading →

Good Old Fashioned Devil Music

Growing up, my parents used to always ask me why I listened to such angry music. I would always answer them with a quick, "I'm not angry, I just like the music!" I had a great childhood. I had two... Continue Reading →

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