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Babies on a Halfpipe – “Garden Tools & Cat Litter”

Yet again, I was sold on a band name and song title. I mean, come on, if you're going to name your band 'Babies on a Halfpipe' and then release a song that references cat litter in the title, I'm... Continue Reading →

I Wanna Be Your TV

The drive downtown to The 7th Street Entry on Wednesday night was rough. The roads weren't bad even though we had just had a dusting of snow but, for some reason, people just could not pull it together. I was... Continue Reading →

Trash Fiasco – “Bastard From A Basket”

I mean, the name of this band says all that you need to know-- well, kind of. Trash Fiasco is a trio from Chicago and I feel like their new single "Bastard From A Basket" is a perfect showcase of... Continue Reading →

A Cure for Love – ‘Birds, Beasts, Trees, Flowers’

A Cure for Love sent their album my way just a few days before my brother's wedding. It's been on my mind ever since but between the wedding and then trying to get caught up after said wedding, I just... Continue Reading →

You’re The Darkest Burning Star

I was fascinated by the line-up of Monday night's show. Two country acts, one metal act, what in the heck was going on? Full disclosure, I knew nothing about the two country openers to the point where I had never... Continue Reading →

Sun Side Dance Step For Two

The winter slump has hit us up here in the Twin Cities. I'm not saying there aren't some amazing shows coming up, there are, but I'm seeing my calendar slow down. Maybe it's a blessing being that winter is always... Continue Reading →

Jenny Stenger – ‘trying my best’

It's Monday. Mondays are busy but I am 'trying my best' to get caught up after a crazy weekend and after being sick for a couple of days. Trying my best is one of those phrases that I think has... Continue Reading →

Some Mutts Can’t Be Muzzled

My boyfriend was having a rough night last night. I could tell by the texts I was getting from him. Something was off. I've been trying really hard to talk things out lately but, as someone who just has never... Continue Reading →

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