Girl at the Rock Shows



I Think I Know What You Won’t Tell Me

Friday night was one of those shows where I wasn't going to write a review. In all honesty, the burn out has been real lately and I wanted a show just for me but, as I stood there, I couldn't... Continue Reading →

Is That A Noose Dressed Like A Necklace?

This week has been one of those nostalgia-perfect kind of weeks. With Finch on Wednesday and Blink 182 on Thursday, honestly, my week was already made but I had one more show to go to on Saturday and, although not... Continue Reading →

Weatherworn – “Steer You Wrong”

I was hit with an instant wave of nostalgia the first time I heard "Steer You Wrong" by Weatherworn. This song brought band names to my head that I hadn't thought of in years including Saves the Day and The... Continue Reading →

I Will Buy You A New Life

I used to judge bands that would play casinos. Something about playing the casino circuit just screamed has-beens to me but, in recent years, more and more bands that I legit what to see perform have been playing them and... Continue Reading →

Brooklane x Jessie Paege – “Love Is Bullshit”

I know that Valentine's day was just over a week ago but "Love Is Bullshit" from Brooklane featuring Jessie Page isn't just a Valentine's day song. Although the lyrics of this track don't hit me the way it used to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let The Days Go By

Bush was never really my band-- I won't try and hide that. Sure, I knew their hits and obviously, I know who Gavin Rossdale is but that's about where my knowledge of Bush stops and ends. Even with that being... Continue Reading →

Red Maker – ‘Red Maker’

It was love at first listen when I heard "B!tch" by Red Maker. This South Dakota band had me in the palm of their hand and I think they knew it when they reached out to me about covering their... Continue Reading →

Inviting Everybody But You

You had a few choices of what to do on Sunday night up here in the Twin Cities. Among others, you could have sat at home with a giant bowl of chili and watched the Vikings absolutely choke or you... Continue Reading →

Love Like Winter

I don't hate winter. I really don't. I actually kind of love it. The snow, the cold, the coziness. I'm all about it but walking from my car to The Fillmore on Wednesday night was a stark reminder of what... Continue Reading →

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