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Weatherworn – “Steer You Wrong”

I was hit with an instant wave of nostalgia the first time I heard "Steer You Wrong" by Weatherworn. This song brought band names to my head that I hadn't thought of in years including Saves the Day and The... Continue Reading →

I Will Buy You A New Life

I used to judge bands that would play casinos. Something about playing the casino circuit just screamed has-beens to me but, in recent years, more and more bands that I legit what to see perform have been playing them and... Continue Reading →

Brooklane x Jessie Paege – “Love Is Bullshit”

I know that Valentine's day was just over a week ago but "Love Is Bullshit" from Brooklane featuring Jessie Page isn't just a Valentine's day song. Although the lyrics of this track don't hit me the way it used to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let The Days Go By

Bush was never really my band-- I won't try and hide that. Sure, I knew their hits and obviously, I know who Gavin Rossdale is but that's about where my knowledge of Bush stops and ends. Even with that being... Continue Reading →

Red Maker – ‘Red Maker’

It was love at first listen when I heard "B!tch" by Red Maker. This South Dakota band had me in the palm of their hand and I think they knew it when they reached out to me about covering their... Continue Reading →

Inviting Everybody But You

You had a few choices of what to do on Sunday night up here in the Twin Cities. Among others, you could have sat at home with a giant bowl of chili and watched the Vikings absolutely choke or you... Continue Reading →

Love Like Winter

I don't hate winter. I really don't. I actually kind of love it. The snow, the cold, the coziness. I'm all about it but walking from my car to The Fillmore on Wednesday night was a stark reminder of what... Continue Reading →

We Lost Ourselves In The Bright Lights

I've said it before and I will continue saying it until I'm blue in the face-- nostalgia is a hell of a drug. My week was a bit rough. Shows are coming back which is great but the amount of... Continue Reading →

Don’t Believe That The Weather Is Perfect The Day That You Die

My Saturday day at Dual Citizen Brewing Company for their Blocktoberfest was absolutely amazing but the concert gods had more in store for me. I made it to The Fine Line just in time to catch the banger of a... Continue Reading →

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