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We’re Coloring Outside The Lines

Let me list off all of the things I should have done last night: Vacuum, wash the dishes currently piling up in my sink, laundry, clean my cats' litter box, sleep... but instead of doing any of those things, I... Continue Reading →

I Now Know Hell Is Nothing But A Headspace

Four months ago a friend of mine had an extra ticket to a show and I had the night off. Obviously, I took him up on his offer and stumbled into yet another random show. The bands I saw that... Continue Reading →

Are You Tough Enough?

Donnie. If I had to pick one, it would be Donnie. Honestly, New Kids on the Block were before my time. I went into last night's show not knowing what they sang or what they looked like. I left with... Continue Reading →

I’m Trying To Take Over the World!

Yesterday was definitely a Monday. My eight hours of work felt more like 84 hours and, after day-drinking and then going to the show on Sunday night, I was more than exhausted. I was honestly more excited to go home... Continue Reading →

Just Shut Up And Drink Your Diet Soda

There are very few bands that have stuck with me since I started my concert going adventures over ten years ago. Bands come and go with breakups, line-up changes, deaths, and complete stylistic makeovers. As devastating as it is to... Continue Reading →

Me And My Friends, We Forecast Dreams

My plan for the night was to go grab a quick dinner with my friend Niki and then head to the show alone. Somehow, I convinced her that she wanted to go to the show so our night quickly turned... Continue Reading →

Once I Was Seven Years Old

I was surrounded by little kids at the show last night. Usually when I say that, I mean young teens but this time I mean literal little kids. Literal kids who couldn't have been older than seven or eight years... Continue Reading →

Life’s Not Out To Get You

  "I Prevail is either jaw droppingly good or they are tracking. I can't tell but that just means they're doing their job... right?" That's what I posted online last night. I was frustrated. I wanted to believe that I... Continue Reading →

It’s Funny How Artistic We Become When Our Hearts Are Broken

Have you ever seen raw emotions performed on a stage? I do every single night I go to a concert. When you watch someone perform on stage, you are typically watching them sing or play through some of the hardest... Continue Reading →

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