It’s no surprise that I have a very ecclectic taste in music. That being said, it should be no surprise that I found myself at KDWB’s Jingleball last night.

Jingleball is a concert of the who’s who in the pop world. Although other cities got huge acts like Taylor Swift and we got Fall Out Boy (who I just saw a couple of weeks ago), it didn’t diminish my excitement at all. I always get excited to see the stars of a scene that I don’t quite get involved in and although I typically find majority of them annoying as fuck, there are something some winners in that line-up.

There were definitely a couple of losers last night. Majority of the acts left me shaking my head and feeling bad for the generation that calls that crap their soundtrack. There were also a couple of winners including one that completely shocked me. With nine acts on the bill, there would be far too much for me to write a whole paragraph for each one so here’s my breakdown:

  • Why Don’t We- Cliche pop band that will never be as good as any of the pop music I had growing up. Stop trying to be Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC- You’ll never be that  good. That being said, I didn’t absolutely hate their set. It was cute the way a boy-band should be and still seemed to have a sense of innocence.


  • Sabrina Carpenter- I mean, at least she was actually singing but that’s not always a good thing. It sounded like she was literally screaming into the microphone causing the vocals to seem a bit out of tune and crackly. Her cover of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” may have had a few too hundred notes in there but did showcase a beautiful voice.


  • Liam Payne- The first of two One Direction darlings to perform- Nice to look at, not the most exciting to listen to. His music was fine but generic at best leaving me yawning through majority of the set.


  • Camila Cabello- Came off as the most mature act of the night but that also made her one of the most boring acts of the night. Apparently she was a member of Fifth Harmony which was a bit shocking when I thought about it. She has grown out of that pop-band phase of her life which is impressive but her set left something to be desired.


  • Charlie Puth- Being that young and talented with perfect pitch will get you far. Having no energy on stage will stop you from reaching your full potential. Like many other acts that performed, the music is fine, I just don’t get the hype.


  • Kesha- Finally, a name I recognized. She stole the show with ease. Her new strong independent look and sound is perfect and something I found relatable. She looked absolutely stunning and sounded absolutely beautiful. Her high energy show set left me wanting so much more and I truly can not wait for her to come back on a headlining show. I don’t pay for concert tickets much but that would be one I pay for.


  • Halsey- Was this a joke? The sleazy G-Eazy joined Halsey for a song– just the icing on the fucking cake.


  • Niall Horan- The second One Direction darling of the night. Do people actually like his songs or do they just sing along to seem cool among their friends and claim to like him because apparently he’s attractive. Honestly, it wasn’t a terrible set but seemed way too mature for the young crowd that had come out in droves with their parents leaving me wonder what the hype really is with him.


  • Fall Out Boy- Obviously being a 28 year old with the same music taste I had in high school, seeing these guys for the second time in just a couple of weeks was nothing short of a treat. No matter how poppy they get, seeing them live will never get old and I will never hate them. Biased? You betchya!


Last night definitely wasn’t the best Jingball I’ve never been to (let’s be honest, Backstreet Boys played last year… there was no topping that), but it wasn’t a complete bust. Sure, the obnoxious and terrible outweighed the talented and tolerable but all in all it was an enjoyable show. I was definitely feeling my age and felt a bit more than out of place as I was surrounded by shrieking teenage girls but that didn’t stop me from having a good time.

As I left the Xcel, I was greeted with the harsh reality that it’s winter here in The Twin Cities and, after a snowy trek back to my car and the forty five minute, ten mile drive, I was home with a smile still on my face. Go ahead and judge away but I love the even that is Jingleball whether or not I love all of the acts. I think it’s a great idea and for people who saturate themselves in the top-4o pop scene, I get that it’s a night they will never forget.