Girl at the Rock Shows



I’m No Frank Sinatra

With majority of the holidays behind me, it's time to get back in the swing of things. Having gone nearly a week without a show, my withdrawal symptoms were out of control. My apartment is clean, I'm all caught up... Continue Reading →

Jingleball 2017

It's no surprise that I have a very ecclectic taste in music. That being said, it should be no surprise that I found myself at KDWB's Jingleball last night. Jingleball is a concert of the who's who in the pop... Continue Reading →

So What’s The Use In Being Normal?

I live in a hub for live music and there's always a million shows to see on any given night. Sometimes I can pick and chose a single show and be happy with my decision but I have become notorious... Continue Reading →

We Should Talk About Love Again

Seeing bands grow is the best part of this job. I love seeing a no name band opening an under attended show at a venue like The 7th Street Entry and then, months later, see them sell out the mainroom... Continue Reading →

Don’t You Feel Like Letting Go?

There's no rest for the wicked. I'll sleep when I'm dead-- any other cliches I should throw out there? Yes, my bender continued last night. It seems like every band I've ever listened to is coming to the Twin Cities... Continue Reading →

Sure I Could Stay But There’s A Place I’d Rather Be

With my annual trip to Riot Fest in Chicago just a couple of days away, my life has gotten pretty insane. I've been busy making sure I have everything I need, packing, trying to spend as much time with my... Continue Reading →

We’re Coloring Outside The Lines

Let me list off all of the things I should have done last night: Vacuum, wash the dishes currently piling up in my sink, laundry, clean my cats' litter box, sleep... but instead of doing any of those things, I... Continue Reading →

I Now Know Hell Is Nothing But A Headspace

Four months ago a friend of mine had an extra ticket to a show and I had the night off. Obviously, I took him up on his offer and stumbled into yet another random show. The bands I saw that... Continue Reading →

Are You Tough Enough?

Donnie. If I had to pick one, it would be Donnie. Honestly, New Kids on the Block were before my time. I went into last night's show not knowing what they sang or what they looked like. I left with... Continue Reading →

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