Girl at the Rock Shows



DOGDAD – “Hospice”

With how busy life seems to get, I feel like we all have these moments where we forget to let go of what is done and gone. Thankfully, we have DOGDAD's new song "Hospice" to remind us to do just... Continue Reading →

She’s Just Trying To Reach You

Tuesday night was another one of those nights where I was going into the show blind. I knew nothing about the two bands playing but knew that I wanted a show and my gut was telling me that The Turf... Continue Reading →

But Only In Their Leaving Can They Ever Come Back Around

The storms were just starting to roll in as my boyfriend and I parked in Dinkytown (the part of Minneapolis right by the University of Minnesota) and made our way to the beautiful Varsity Theater. Sure, the threat of severe... Continue Reading →

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