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Fuckleberry Hinn – “Stone Cold”

I'll be honest, I knew I was going to do a little post about "Stone Cold" purely due to the name of the band. I mean, come on, tell me seeing "Fuckleberry Hinn" didn't make you chuckle ever so slightly.... Continue Reading →

Red Maker – ‘Red Maker’

It was love at first listen when I heard "B!tch" by Red Maker. This South Dakota band had me in the palm of their hand and I think they knew it when they reached out to me about covering their... Continue Reading →

Night Hums – “Manic”

"Manic" from Night Hums came out 17 days ago. I heard it for the first time 16 days ago. I haven't stopped humming along to it in my head randomly since that fateful first listen. This song is a bit... Continue Reading →

Pennan Brae – ‘Arcade’

There's something retro and fun about the cover art for Pennan Brae's album 'Arcade' and honestly, after the day I've had, I found myself just staring into the cover and getting lost. Let's take a dive into the actual music... Continue Reading →

Ancira – “11:59”

I live in a pop-punk world. Not going to lie or try to hide it but every once in awhile I need something a bit heavier and today that is coming by way of Ancira's new song "11:59". This song... Continue Reading →

Smooth Brain – “Oh No, I Hope I Don’t Fall”

"Oh No, I Hope I Don't Fall" was described to me as a petty breakup jam. I read that to mean angst and energy with a hint of emotion and pain-- essentially right up my alley but, as I hit... Continue Reading →

Broken Factory Windows – “Imposter”

I wasn't given any information on Broken Factory Windows when I heard "Imposter" for the first time but that didn't matter. I was instantly hooked. This track is angsty, full of passion, and powerful both lyrically and in the instrumentation.... Continue Reading →

An Interview With The Polychromatics

"Emily, If She Be There..." by The Polychromatics is everything I look for in a song. Although it's a chill track, there's a creepiness not only hidden in the music but also shown in the super creative music video that... Continue Reading →

pulses. – “Run the Ghouls”

There's a Hello Kitty hidden in the artwork for pulses.'s "Run the Ghouls" single so, naturally, I was drawn to it. The first single off of puleses. upcoming third full length album (due to be out next spring) is a... Continue Reading →

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