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Cate Tomlinson- ‘Missing’

I was never really one for calming music but I feel like everything is so weird right now and more low-key, music is just hitting the spot. Beyond hitting the spot, its calming me down, and honestly who am I... Continue Reading →

Homeplate- ‘Derby City EP’

"For fans of: MXPX, State Champs, Four Year Strong, (Old) Hawk Nelson, Handguns, The Ataris, Value Pac, and A Loss For Words." That's what the press release about Homeplate's debut 'Derby City EP' said. To call that a tall order would... Continue Reading →

Freddie Dilevi- ‘Teenager’s Heartbreak’

The cover of Freddie Dilevi's 'Teenager's Heartbreak' is eye catching to say the least. The bright colors and the almost pop-art styled art. I have been excited to check this one out ever since it hit my desk but life... Continue Reading →

Harbor & Home- ‘Hold On To Love’

Just over a year ago, I had the honor of reviewing Harbor & Home's album 'Fighter'. Although it wasn't my typical cup of tea, I fell in love with the album and the band. It's hard to believe that it... Continue Reading →

GILT- ‘Ignore What’s Missing’

I have been lacking motivation lately when it comes to album reviews and I am so sorry. It's not that there has been a lack of music because my list has now grown to three pages along with a giant... Continue Reading →

Barely Civil- ‘I’ll Figure This Out’

I feel like Sunday mornings were just made for checking out new music. It's energizing to sit here with a cup of coffee and discover an album and/or band that instantly becomes my soundtrack for the day instead of reverting... Continue Reading →

Empty Beings- ‘Dead & Pathetic’

Today was a typical Sunday but I felt more motivated than usual. I got so much done around the house and even remembered to water my plants and make myself dinner. All of this adulting has me drained but I... Continue Reading →

The Idolizers- ‘The Idolizers’

It's crazy to me how quickly the season is changing from summer to fall. It seems like just last week it was light out until 9PM and now it's 7PM and already starting to get dark. I feel like this... Continue Reading →

Jason Chaffee- ‘Carry Me’

It's a calm Sunday night for me. I've made dinner, done laundry, cleaned, and even meal prepped for the week. I needed a soundtrack to wind me down and get me ready for a cozy night in with a book... Continue Reading →

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