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Urban Doctors – ‘Worst Ever’

The inside cover of Urban Doctors' 'Worst Ever' album says: "Dear Elon, Sorry you were not cool enough to be the first one to mars. You'll be as cool as us one day... Maybe. Love The Urban Doctors" Okay, guys,... Continue Reading →

Twin Cities Summer Jam 2021

For one weekend and one weekend only, Girl at the Rock Shows became Girl at the Country Shows. Although I wanted to check Twin Cities Summer Jam out of desperation for a festival, I ended up having a much better time... Continue Reading →

‘Symbolica’ a Visual Album by Jonny Darko

I am not a movie person. You can ask any of my friends or any of my ex-boyfriends, as soon as you put a movie on, chances are my eyes will start closing and I will be passed out before... Continue Reading →

Pencildive – ‘Grown-Ups’

I'm overwhelmed by everything right now. I feel like that has been the case for the past week. Maybe it's stress over the lack of air conditioning and knowing I will be signing over my bank account this coming week... Continue Reading →

Nick and the Old Sport – ‘The Way It Didn’t Happen’

I have been getting quotes on a new furnace and air conditioner. What a headache and confusing process. Thankfully, both are working (knock on wood) and this is more me trying to be proactive but still, what a nightmare. I... Continue Reading →

Joker’s Hand – ‘Joker’s Hand’

I heard a new track from Joker's Hand a couple of days ago and instantly fell in love. "War Profiteer" had something so sunny about it and I was addicted and had to hear more from this band. Unfortunately, that... Continue Reading →

Toadstool Shadow- ‘Rainbow Nights’

"Toadstool Shadow is the #1 elfcore music & arts collective in southern Ohio". Dear Toadstool Shadow, you know how to peak my interest. Although I don't quite know what "elfcore music" is, I'm intrigued so let's check out this album... Continue Reading →

Celebration Guns- ‘…On Aging Gracelessly’

Things are finally getting a little bit back to normal up here in Minneapolis and it is such a relief. I feel like the past week, no, month, no year has been spent with all of us holding our breaths... Continue Reading →

Better Swells – ‘Adrift’

Something about the cover of Better Swells' 'Adrift' EP is speaking to me tonight. The image of just a person in what seems to be a boat with nothing else really going on just seems to fit where I am... Continue Reading →

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