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Did You Do Your Best Today?

I can't tell you why I like Sleigh Bells so much. They have a female singer, heavy "wub wub" influences and play with a drum track instead of a real drummer. It's everything I hate but I love it so much.... Continue Reading →

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Curiosity killed the cat. When a show sells out at First Avenue, it's a thing. When a band sells out two nights back to back, it's a big deal. When a band sells out back to back shows on a Monday/... Continue Reading →

I Can’t Stop

Last night was nothing short of a culture shock for me. I've become comfortable at the shows I go to. When I walk into a metal or pop-punk show, chances are that I know at least half of the crowd... Continue Reading →

Teaches of Peaches

If I had to describe last night with one word, that word would be bizarre. Bizarre is definitely not a bad word in the concert world. When you go to a show every night, unless you're really looking forward to... Continue Reading →

When A Fire Starts To Burn

I've never been big into the "techno" scene. It's just not for me. I can't justify paying $20+ just to see someone hit the spacebar on their computer. Last night changed my whole perception of the "techno" scene. It was... Continue Reading →

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