Curiosity killed the cat.

When a show sells out at First Avenue, it’s a thing. When a band sells out two nights back to back, it’s a big deal. When a band sells out back to back shows on a Monday/ Tuesday night the week of Thanksgiving…something’s going on. Curiosity got the best of me and at the last minute, I was able to weasel myself onto a list into the show. I should know better than to think just because a show sells out… two nights in a row… on a Monday/ Tuesday… during Thanksgiving week, does not mean it will be an awesome show.

I don’t like techno music. I feel like I’ve made that perfectly clear in multiple blogs at this point. I don’t know why I keep on going. I mean, I want the shows to be fun, I want to get out of it what my boyfriend does. I want to understand it. After last night, I give up. I quit. I don’t get it, I never will.

I thought last night might be different. The show was held at First Avenue. First Avenue is definitely my home away from home and probably my favorite venue in the cities. I love the staff and feel safe in this legendary building (Prince’s Purple Rain was filmed here so I’m not kidding when I say legendary). I have my one spot under the stairs that you can usually find me at. You can typically find my coat thrown in a corner somewhere and my drink just chilling on the bar beside me. It’s safe. I feel safe. I don’t feel like I have to keep my coat in my arms or my hand over my drink. It’s my home. My home turf. I thought this would make the techno show last night more enjoyable. Okay, maybe enjoyable is the wrong word but at least make me more comfortable and more “in my element” than the previous techno shows I’ve gone to.

Oh how wrong I was.

I have come to the conclusion that I do not like the people that go to these types of shows. I think they are rude and have no sense of personal space. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid to be pushed up against a stranger. That’s part of the game. But there are certain nights I’m not in the mood and on those nights, I find a spot in the back and go into my own little world. At a metal or rock show, this is no big deal. You can easily stand in the back of a venue and not be touched by a soul. Last night, we were standing towards the back of the venue. We couldn’t go more than twenty seconds without someone getting in our space. Granted, I understand it was a sold out show but still, learn some freaking manners! Say excuse me, do not dump your drink (that you obviously don’t need) all over me as you stumble by, do not stop in the middle of a doorway to search for your friends that have left your drunk ass behind.

Do not get me wrong, I’m sure people that go to these shows are very nice. I don’t know any of them personally but I’m sure they are okay people. I just don’t understand them when they are at a show.

Now that I’ve ranted on the people, let’s dig in on this music.

I don’t get it. I really don’t.

It’s computers. You are paying to see a concert of primarily computers. Hell, you can come see me play a computer whenever you want and I’ll only charge you a $5 cover! Not the ridiculous $50-$70 that these shows usually run.

Okay, I’ll admit, I don’t understand this music and scene and honestly, I don’t care to understand it. I know damn well it’s not for me and, yes, maybe I’m a bit of a hater on this whole “wub wub” genre. (“Wub wub” is the sound that the bass makes at these shows… over and over again… for hours… wub wub wub wub wub…. wub.) I just don’t get anything out of it. There are not many lyrics that I can relate to because there aren’t many lyrics period. There’s not much to watch because majority of the music is all on computers and drum pads.

Now, before you attack me, I do understand that some groups will bring guest vocalists on stage, have a keyboard, drum set, hell, Odesza had a couple horn players with them… THAT DOES NOT COUNT! A.) Those instruments have so many damn effects on them that they are unrecognizable. B.) They are maybe featured for 5 seconds of a two minute song… these “real” instruments don’t count in my mind.

I also understand that it does take talent to mix on stage or whatever they’re doing. I respect the art, I just don’t like it and don’t understand it. Power to them for making their dreams come true. My dreams just include more than hitting a spacebar.

I get it, people like this type of music. I hate it. I think it all sounds the same and the people are rude. I’m sure some people think that about the music I listen to as well. I get it. We can’t all enjoy the same thing.

I got curious about the show last night so I went.

Curiosity killed the cat.

I think I’m done with “wub wub” shows for awhile.

Line Up:

Big Wild

Hayden James



Venue: First Avenue

Sausage Fest Meter-  Even Playing Field

Broken Bones- None

Average Age- Early to Mid 20’s

Fashion Statement of the Night- Animal Themed Onesies

Most Creative Thing I Saw- A Girl Had Wrapped Her Crutches in LED Lights

Percentage of the Crowd That Probably Don’t Remember Last Night- 84.7%

Show On Deck- The Faceless!!!!!!!!!!!!