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the acacia strain

I See My Demons Staring At Me Now

It was hard to leave the apartment last night. After a quick nap and a quick bite to eat, my clock said 5:30 PM but the outside said 1 AM. The reality that winter is here in the Twin Cities... Continue Reading →

This Spirit Can’t Be Broken

It seems like everyone and their brother has seen Hatebreed live. Even if you don't go to shows, you've seen Hatebreed. Hell, a co-worker has seen Hatebreed a couple of times and I'm not convinced he even really knows what... Continue Reading →

Rock in Peace

I preach this in almost every blog I write but I can not stress it enough. When you're in a music scene, when you go to concerts, when you meet bands, you are joining a family. You stick with that... Continue Reading →

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