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Triple Rock Social Club: A Love Story

I was 18 and freshly moved out of my dad's house. I moved up to The Twin Cities for school and swore I would never look back. I tried to act like everything was fine but, the truth is, those... Continue Reading →

My Life’s A Mystery

My long and extremely emotional Minnesota goodbye to The Triple Rock Social Club continued last night. We are down to the single digits for my nights spent at this legendary club and I honestly am so overwhelmed with emotions you... Continue Reading →

Do You Believe In Something Beautiful?

My long, drawn out, Minnesota goodbye to the legendary Triple Rock Social Club continued last night. I can not put into words how devastated I am that this city will be losing such an amazing venue. Sure, I know there... Continue Reading →

Make Evil Afraid Of Evil’s Shadow

My eyes swelled up with tears when I read the news that The Triple Rock will be closing on November 22nd. I was in shock and didn't want to believe it. I wanted to go to sleep, wake up and... Continue Reading →

I’m Homesick And Living In The Past

Most shows have at least one band that doesn't quite get me going. It's not that there's always a bad band on a show, more just one doesn't shine as bright as the others. That was definitely not the case... Continue Reading →

Can’t You See? You’re Your Own Worst Enemy

Doom has been a band since the late 80's (with a couple of breaks here and there) and has seven full length albums alongside too many demos and compilations to list. They are legends in the crust punk scene and... Continue Reading →

You’re On Your Own But You’re Not Alone

After having a couple of days off, I was ready for a show-- any show. Thankfully, The Life and Times were in town and, having never seen them before, I was ready to add yet another band to the endless... Continue Reading →

Fading Into Chaos

There's no better way to start your week than with a good old-fashioned death metal show. Sure, it was a Sunday night and the headliner didn't go on until midnight leading to a super slow moving morning for me today,... Continue Reading →

So Drink Your Drinks With A Dozen Freaks

I would take a show like last night's over Tuesday night's underwhelming show any time. There wasn't a sold out crowd, hell, I don't think there were more than forty people there but you could feel the passion and love... Continue Reading →

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