Girl at the Rock Shows



Wrestlepalooza XVI

If you would have asked me just a couple of years ago about my thoughts on wrestling I probably would have laughed and shrugged the question off. Although I've always liked the imagery of some wrestlers, I just never got... Continue Reading →

Wrestlepalooza XIV

So a dog, a cat, a monkey from outer space and a frog from another planet all get into a wrestling ring together. Have you heard this one before? If you've been reading my posts about Wrestlepalooza over the past... Continue Reading →

Wrestlepalooza XIII

I couldn't tell you who the wrestlers on TV are these days. Hell, is wrestling even on TV anymore? Growing up, I had no interest in wrestling. I didn't get it and someone ruined everything for me at a young... Continue Reading →

Wrestlepalooza XI

Sometimes you just need a girls night. No boyfriends, no friends that are guys... just the girls, a little bit of gossip, and a whole lot of alcohol. Throw some wrestling and great punk music into the mix and you... Continue Reading →

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