I think I have reviewed six the of the Wrestlepalooza events since I started this blog and have gone to far more than that. They are always great and truly an event that I look forward to attending every time but, if I’m being honest, writing about this event has gotten old. Okay, that sounds bad but I feel like I write the same thing every time. I write about how amazing this event is. How much I adore F1rst Wrestling (who puts these events on) and everyone else involved in making these so special. I talk about how I really don’t get into wrestling but if you want to talk to me about any of the athletes involved in Wrestlepalooza, I can hold that conversation for hours. It always ends up being one of those “I don’t know how I ended up in this scene but I am thankful to be here” kind of articles.

As much as I’m bored of writing about it, you have to be a bit bored with the same article so I switched things up for the latest installment of Wrestlepalooza– I took a friend who knew very little about the event and then told him I needed an article on my desk by 9 AM the next morning. Okay, so he’s a couple of days late but here it is– a new take on Wrestlepalooza at First Avenue by “A Friend of Girl at the Rock Shows Who Got Conned Into Going to Wrestlepalooza”!

“For me, I have no background in wrestling. Not even as a kid did I get that into it. This was an opportunity to experience something different for me and see how it went. Expectations were low but I was ready to get into it.

To start, the first thing I see is people jumping off the ropes doing flip and spins directly onto their back / stomach and then repeating. This was their warmup, already getting off to a good start! As we mosey around, the crowd start to fill up and the announcer comes out to kick everything off. Crowd starts boo’ing? Yes, that is a thing. Now, I was keyed into a few things that happen before we showed up as to be ready to participate with the crowd, and that was one of them. Over the course of the next hour or so, the wrestlers came and went with different skits being performed with intermissions of music that was pretty good! I would say it was extremely successful and fun for a few different reasons.

Reason 1, the venue. First avenue seemed like a very good spot for this to be held as you could still easily see everything on the bottom floor in the back as well as running upstairs and being able to get close to the rail. I don’t think it was overly booked so there was opportunity to pretty much run around the entire place to get a different view and if you wanted to, get up close. No lines for the bathrooms and no lines for the drinks felt awesome.

Reason 2, the wrestlers. I have no knowledge of the history of this event and the people included in it and was still able to follow along well and see the story that was happening. A lot of the wrestlers had their own niches, including a frog with a hammer… you must go to understand. They were extremely active within the ring as well as pulling in the crowd. Not only that, THEY ACTUALLY FLIP AND SPIN…. This was something that I didn’t think was going to look very good and assumed that it might be a little fake. I was completely wrong. These people had bruises all along their arms and back forming from getting hit. At one point, I thought someone actually broke their foot. It was very impressive to see how well they were coordinating with one another through the show and still have the crowd roaring at every turn.

Reason 3, the crowd. Like I said before, I had little knowledge of what was going to be happening during this. The crowd absolutely showed up. All the boo’s, the oohs, and the aahs. It was fantastic to be wrapped up with the crowd when something happened, and it made me immerse myself more into the show. I have zero complaints with anyone that was there and could only commend the crowd with participating fully and keeping the energy level high!

Overall, absolutely loved going to this. For anyone that has not been, I would say it’s a must-see experience, even if you don’t like wrestling. It’s an engaging crowd, awesome venue, and enlightening performance. I would say thank you to everyone involved.”

I want to give a huge shout out to my buddy Chase for doing this review. Honestly, I kind of told him to do this as a joke but he really ran with it and I felt like it was more than worthy of a legit post.

I also want to shout out the Wrestlepalooza crew and the entire F1rst Wrestling family. Seriously– like Chase said– this is a must-see experience even if you don’t like wrestling.