Last night was a bit of a blur not because I was drunk, but because of the feeling you get at a show like this. Time stops and all of your worries fall to the wayside. You forget about everything except for what’s going on around you. You sit back and watch the young kids in the pit flailing around and you just hope to God you don’t get nailed in the head by a fist or a foot. The music makes you feel things that take the breath out of you. I didn’t know many of the words last night. Hell, I barely listened to Reflections new album before going to the show, but it was still nothing short of an emotional experience for me.

A group of just under 500 kids packed into the Fallout Arts Initiative in Uptown, Minneapolis to film three music videos for local favorites Reflections. Sure, there were a million other things going on in the Twin Cities that we could have all done last night including the huge show at the Skyway Theater in Minneapolis featuring Killswitch Engage but all of us decided we would rather spend our night in a sketchy space surrounded by new and old friends and supporting a band full of people that we have seen go from just another local band to superstars in the scene.

There were all kinds of people at this show. There were young kids that had their parents there to chaperon. There were people that drove all the way from New York and were showing off their new Reflections tattoos that they had gotten earlier in the day. There were people there that probably had no clue what was going on but, because of the hype, they came out to check it out. There were die hard Reflections fans that had been waiting in the line for hours to insure that they could get up front and get in the music video. There were people like me who aren’t the biggest Reflections fans ever but just wanted to come out and show their support. Regardless of who they were or why they came, everyone came together over the love of this scene and their friends.

As soon as the music started, the crowd went off. People were climbing over each other to get to the front. Jake Wolf, singer of Reflections, told us to “ruin this place” and that’s exactly what we did. It was insane. It was one of those shows where all I could do was step back and wonder if this is really my life. This is what I get to do night after night? For real?

The space we were at was a bit strange. It was tiny. We definitely probably shouldn’t have fit as many kids in the space as we did but it added to the “underground” feeling that I think they were going for in the video. The rafters near the stage turned into a place for kids to literally hang out and jump back into the crowd or jump onto the stage. There were bodies flying everywhere. Eventually you couldn’t tell the difference between the small stage and the actual crowd area. It was truly a giant clusterfuck and it was truly perfect.

Even though we were told to “ruin this place”, people did it in a Minnesota nice kind of way. They were respectful towards the space and the other people in the crowd. As far as I could tell, there was no damage to the building and I didn’t see anyone getting hurt other than the predictable hits and kicks that people would take like champs along with outside of the pit. So maybe we didn’t ruin the place but it was extreme and people went ape shit crazy just the way you would want them to for a live music video shoot.

It was hot in there. Super hot and sweaty. The odor of BO was prominent and, although I was covered in sweat by the time it was said and done, I believe only 10% of it was my own sweat. I didn’t care. That is the way you’re supposed to feel after a show. You’re supposed to feel exhausted and disgusting. You’re supposed to want to jump right into a shower afterwards, if you don’t get that feeling, you’re doing something wrong or you’re at the wrong show.

Reflections played through their new album The Color Clear but honestly it didn’t feel like they played through a full album. The night went by too fast because we were all having such a great time. It was one of those nights where I wish it would have never ended. When it was said and done, we all raced out the door for the fresh, cold air and then just lingered. It was friends talking to friends, people meeting people, it was everything that the Minnesota metal scene stands for… friendship and family.

I stood in the back for majority of the show. I wanted to take it all in. I’m sure I didn’t make any footage for the music video but I’m more than okay with that. It wasn’t my video to be in. Like I said, I just wanted to support the scene and support these guys that have put the Minnesota metal scene on the map. That means more to me than a little bit of screen time.

Line Up:


Venue: Fallout Arts Intiative

Sausage Fest Meter- 8 out of 10

Crowd Surfers- Lost Track

Stage Divers- Lost Track

Broken Bones- None

Average Age- 23

Moshing Level- Extreme

Drink of Choice Throughout the Crowd- Water

Spotted Flying Through the Air-Bodies

Celebrity Sightings- It would probably be easier to list who wasn’t there. It seemed like everyone who is anyone in the local metal scene made it out!

Overall Score- 9.5 out of 10

Show on Deck— Judah & The Lion