I had been fighting a terrible headache all day. I didn’t feel good but I sucked it up and went to a show because that’s what I do.

As soon as I got inside the venue, I chugged a bottle of water and the headache subsided. When I finally got to wandering around, I bumped into the usual suspects I see at these metal shows. I instantly felt at home and, even though I still felt a bit like crap, I was more than ready to get my face melted off by the bands of the night.

Per usual, I did no research into any of the bands. I have been to many Intervals shows before. I might have seen them actually play a couple of times. I feel like every show they play at, I end up getting bored and leaving. I swore to myself that last night would be different. I was going to stay until the end.

Why do I find Intervals shows so boring? It’s that whole instrumental thing. I can’t deal with it. When there are no vocals I feel like I have nothing to focus on. I understand that this sounds like some made up thing in my head but it’s the way I feel. I just need those vocals to keep my attention. It’s a shame too because at shows like last night, I’m surrounded by people getting the feeling that I long for at concerts. That feeling of pure excitement and appreciation for the music. Unfortunately, that’s just something I don’t feel at these instrumental metal shows.

That’s not to say I don’t appreciate the music, because I definitely do. The amount of talent these types of bands have is immeasurable. Watching the guitarists’ and bassists’ fingers fly down the necks of their instruments while still somehow managing to hit notes blows my mind. The sheer musicianship that was presented last night was unimaginable. Whenever I watch bands like this, I just want to sit my butt at my piano and play for hours on end. It’s so inspiring to watch such talented musicians.

90% of last night’s show was instrumental. I truly don’t understand what my issue is. Here I was at a metal concert listening to metal music surrounded by all of my friends I hang out with metal shows but I may as well have been at a Minnesota Orchestra concert. I was completely uninterested and couldn’t pay attention to anything. I was constantly on my phone and constantly talking to other people in the crowd. I would find any excuse I could to walk to the bar or go to the bathroom. I just wasn’t having it. It boggles my mind why though. I was trying my best to pay attention and be interested in what was going on. I truly want to love this music that so many of my friends are so passionate about but it doesn’t hook me. No matter how many of these shows I try to go to, I just can’t feel what they’re feeling.

Last night was off to a great start with Skyhaven. This local group is super young… super young as in one of them just turned 16 the other day. Although they may be one of the youngest bands in the scene up here, last night they earned their spot in my top five local bands right now. Their music is complicated and, although it’s instrumental, it’s fun to watch them completely tear it up. The members move around like bands with vocalists do. It was great. There was nothing boring about their set. Their music is clean and what too many bands are trying to do right now only these guys actually know how to do it. About two songs in I was tweeting, Instagramming, Facebooking, Snapchatting, everything I could … I want the world to know about this great band and support them!

After Skyhaven, it seemed to go a bit down hill. There were technical difficulties through Save Us From The Archon’s set that seemed to really affect them. Apparently Skyhaven had to deal with some of the same issues but it was just so much more noticeable during Save Us From The Archon. What a shame because they seemed to have a lot of potential. The crowd was more than supportive even with the issues and they finished their set off strong.

Then it started, that dreaded headache was coming back as Angel Vivaldi was setting up on stage. I knew it was going to be bad news once the music started and it was. The screeching guitars mixed with the flashing lights made me miserable. I was able to make it through two or three songs before I gave up and walked out the door.

Last night wasn’t a show I was dying to see or else I would have sucked it up and stayed. Unfortunately, instrumental bands just don’t get me hooked like other bands and I gave into my headache. I truly wish I could have seen Intervals because I always seem to miss them but I had a day job to wake up for this morning and am currently on an incredible bender of incredible shows that I just can not afford to be sick for.

Even with the fact that I was pretty uninterested in majority of the music last night and the fact that I left early, you can not deny the pure talent any of last night’s musicians have. Kudos to all of them doing what they love and doing it well! I am just not the biggest fan of what they do.

Line Up:



Save Us From The Archon

Angel Vivaldi




Venue: Amsterdam Bar & Hall

Sausage Fest Meter- 8.5 out of 10

Broken Bones- None

Average Age- 17

Level of Moshing- None

Crowd Surfers- None

Fights- None

Drunkards Taken Out By Security- pretty sure only about 11% of the crowd was even old enough to drink

Celebrity Sightings- Members of By The Thousands, Mithya, In Search of Solace (I’m sure I’m missing some.. Sorry!)

Overall Score- 3 out of 10

Show On Deck- Brokencyde