There was a show last night.

I didn’t go.

I was really looking forward to seeing the band Feed Her To The Sharks as last night was their first show ever in Minnesota. Battlecross was the headliner. I have seen those guys a few times now and am always super impressed with their live show. I was really looking forward to a chance to see them yet again.

I didn’t go.

I rarely miss a show. I have to be damn near dying for me to opt out of a show but I felt great last night. So why didn’t I go see Battlecross last night?

The message I got from D.J. (of Buried Above Ground) yesterday morning pretty much sums it all up:

“Have u decided if you’re going to be the ultimate homie and come to our shindig tomorrow night, or the ultimate wiener and go to some other event with a bunch of peeps you don’t know? Don’t be the wiener.”

I stress this over and over and over again, the Minnesota metal scene is the definition of a family.

I didn’t go to the concert last night because my family had something to celebrate and family ALWAYS comes first.

Buried Above Ground is a local band made up of members of a couple defunct bands from here in the cities. They have been hyping their new album and the release of a music video for a couple of weeks now and last night we finally got to see the product of all of their hard work and dedication.

Damn near 150 of us showed up to support these boys as they played their new album in it’s entirety and debuted their new music video. For the first few hours people wandered around and mingled. We were catching up with old friends, meeting new people, and just having a great time. It seemed like everybody knew everybody and if that wasn’t true at the beginning of the night, it was definitely true by the end of it. After a couple of hours of socializing and a couple of raffles for gift bags full of Minnesota band and business swag, it was time.

We got to be some of the first people to hear Buried Above Ground’s new album “Birth”. You probably want me to tell you how it sounded, don’t you? I really can’t. I think it was good but when you get around friends, both new and old, it becomes really hard to pay attention to music. As excited as I was to finally hear this album, last night was just not the time or place for me to pay attention. At first I felt bad, but then I looked around and noticed everyone else seemed to be in the same boat. It wasn’t a sign of disrespect towards to the band, more a sign of respect towards the scene. We were so busy trying to catch up with members of multiple bands that we love that there just wasn’t time to sit in silence and really pay attention to the album.

I will say that I took a breather from socializing and really listened in for a couple of minutes and was more than impressed. I can’t wait to take the time to sit at home, alone, and truly dig into this album.

The highlight of last night was definitely the premier of the music video. The lights went off and the crowd went silent.  The video was so professional looking. It wasn’t one of those videos that that one local rapper from your hometown puts out that’s filmed in the aisles at Walmart with a GoPro. This was the real deal. I truly needed someone to pinch me and remind me that the people in this video were truly just friends of mine.

It was unreal to look up at the screen and see D.J., Eric, Coz and Digg all done up for the video. I mean, it looked like them, it sounded like them, but it was hard to believe it was them. The crowd laughed as Bill (owner of Metalsota, true supporter of this scene, and all-around amazing guy) played the role of murderer in the video because we all know damn well he wouldn’t hurt a fly. I needed someone to pinch me. Those weren’t my friends on that TV screen… those were the real deal. There’s no way I would know people like that. Someone needed to pinch me… how in the hell has this become my family?!

The feeling that you got being in that room when the video was playing is impossible to put into words. Nobody was saying a word and that silence said everything. As the last frame came up on the TV screen we all started cheering and clapping. The amount of smiling that was happening in that room was off the charts. We were all so excited to see all of our friends’ hard work turn into this.

When all was said and done, we all mingled for a little bit longer and said our congratulations to everyone that was involved in making the night a success. People slowly started trickling out of the building only to find themselves stuck in conversations in the parking lot.

Last night may not have been a show, but the feeling was the same. I was surrounding by my family with some cold beer, and great music. I had a choice to make and didn’t let anyone know what I was going to chose because I truly did not know. It’s hard for me to miss a show but after thinking about it, D.J. was right. First off, there was no way I was giving him the satisfaction of being able to call me an “ultimate wiener”. But mostly, the metal scene is about family and my family was at the premiere last night, not the show.

I didn’t go to the show last night.

Family ALWAYS comes first.