When last night’s show got announced I thought it was a joke. Honestly, a joke.

The line-up was full of bands that I hadn’t thought about in well over ten years. I had no clue that these bands were even still around. That being said, of course I snatched up a ticket with my old roommate just to go and see if it was real life.

I felt bad for the bands on this tour because each one of them was almost a one-hit wonder of sorts. It’s not that they quit music after their one hit song, more that people didn’t follow them after it. I was quite surprised to see new CD’s at the merch tables for majority of the bands. Good for them. They didn’t give up and they’re still doing what they love and because of that, I respect every single band that played last night so much. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I’m one of those people that forgot about majority of these bands after their hit song. It’s just not what I typically listen to and I had no desire to follow the bands. After seeing some of them live last night, I feel like I should really go back and check them out because I was more than impressed.

The show started off with 12 Stones. The only thing I knew about this band was that Paul McCoy, the singer, was featured in “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence. Now, I’m not a huge fan of Evanescence but the music video for this songs was constantly played on All Things Rock. All Things Rock was a show hosted by Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte that would play music videos for alternative bands. Yes kids, there was a time when music videos were a huge deal. I remember taping (yes, on VHS tapes) every episode of this show and watching the music video for “Bring Me To Life” over and over again. The highlight of the video was when Paul McCoy popped his head out of a window to sing his part of the song because he was so stinking cute. Obviously, they didn’t play that song and, as I said, that was the only song I knew so I feel like I had spent more time socializing during their set than actually paying attention.

The same can be said for Tantric. I’ve never heard a song from Tantric before. I knew the name, I’ve seen their logo, but that’s it. I went to the show last night for the nostalgia factor and unfortunately, I have nothing tied to Tantric or 12 Stones so they really just didn’t do anything for me.

Next up was probably the biggest one-hit wonder of the night, Crazy Town. Yes, Crazy Town, the band that sings that song that goes “Come my lady, come, come my lady. You’re my butterfly, sugar, baby”. It was obvious that they were going to save that song for the end of their set but because sets were short, I was okay with it. It seems like these guys really haven’t changed. They’re still doing the rap/DJ/rock thing complete with a turntable player on stage. As soon as they started playing “Butterfly” I finally felt the nostalgia that I was wanting. My old roommate, coworker, his girlfriend and I started dancing. You just couldn’t help yourself. It was hilarious to see this song live just because I never thought I would get a chance to.

Alien Ant Farm was the only band on the bill that I was truly excited to see live. Yeah, you know these guys from their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” but I knew them from so much more. To other people, these guys are a one-hit wonder group but to me, these guys were part of the soundtrack of my teenage years. I loved their first two albums so much and would listen to them on repeat for months on end. Although they put out a new album just a couple of years ago, they played mostly songs that I knew and it completely made my night. Alien Ant Farm was the only band that I felt compelled to get into the crowd for. Even though the crowd wasn’t moving much, I still had a great time and felt like I was back in middle school listening to these guys. The smile on my face probably looked ridiculous throughout their set.

The next band, Saving Abel, was another one of the bands on the line-up that I had really never listened to before so there was no nostalgia factor for me. That being said, I couldn’t turn away from their set. What great performers. The music definitely isn’t my cup of tea because it leans more towards the radio rock end of things but there was something about them that caught me. Scotty Austin, the far too skinny singer, had a way of absolutely commanding the crowd. I was shocked. I really didn’t think this would be a show where I walk away with a new band to keep tabs on to make sure I see them next time they’re in town but that’s exactly what it turned into.

I have seen Trapt multiple times live in the past couple of years so seeing them last night was no shock. That being said, being able to hear their hit song “Headstrong” live was definitely a great addition to my night of nostalgia.

The show was closed out by Saliva but I was still recovering from seeing Blink 182 on Thursday night and was fading fast. I stuck around just so I could hear the only song I knew by Saliva, “Click Click Boom” but by that point I feel like I was a bit delirious due to exhaustion.

So maybe I was a bit out of it last night due to lack of sleep but as soon as I heard those songs from my childhood I perked right up.

What started as a joke, ended up as a pretty awesome night.

Sometimes all you need is a night of the most nostalgic music out there and some friends.

Line Up:

12 Stones


Crazy Town

Alien Ant Farm

Saving Abel




Venue: Myth

Sausage Fest Meter- 13 out of 10

Average Age of the Crowd- 30

Crowd Surfers- 31

Stage Divers-0

Moshability- Low

Random Shirtless Dudes- 1

Spotted Flying Through The Sky- 1 Roll Of Toilet Paper, Drinks, Cups

Broken Bones- None

Drunkards Taken Out By Security- None

Celebrity Sightings-None

Overall Score- 6.5 out of 10

Show on Deck- Prof & Friends at the Prof Outdoors 3 show!