This weekend has been insane. It started with the Rock the Boat show on Friday, went through the Sum 41 show on Saturday (which I didn’t write about and I’m sorry… it was an amazing show though!), and ended with seeing Brand New. To say it was a great weekend would be an understatement.

Seeing Brand New live is always a religious experience for me. Their music has helped me through the toughest times in my life and continues to be a soundtrack for every single day. Being able to watch those songs played live is more than enough to leave me bawling my eyes out in the middle of the crowd. I feel no shame and am truly just grateful to have a band like this in my life.

Brand New played their album The Devil & God are Raging Inside of Me from front to back. Now, this definitely isn’t my favorite Brand New album but there are definitely some songs on it that are super important to me and, let’s be honest, it was a Brand New show. I didn’t care what the hell they played as long as I got to see them.

The tour that I would absolutely die to see them do is a tour where they play Deja Entendu in it’s entirety. That album is the soundtrack to me life and one of the more beautiful pieces of art I have ever heard. That album has consumed my life and is the album that started my obsession with this band.

Although they only played a handful of songs that weren’t on The Devil & God are Raging Inside of Me, they played “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows” which is, hands down, my favorite Brand New song of all time. The second I heard the first note, I knew what was going to happen and my eyes instantly teared up. I wanted to go up towards the front and get rowdy but the cold that had developed on Saturday was in full force and I felt like absolute crap so I camped out with my friends and just screamed as loud as I could. The tears rolled down my face as I remembered all of those night I would sit on my bed listening to that single song on repeat over and over and over and over again. Those lyrics, that voice, that music… that one single song has such power over me that it really is impossible to explain.

I was super sick last night at the show. It bummed me out because I couldn’t muster up the energy to get into the pit but the sniffles I had throughout the day acted as a good mask for the amount of crying I was doing during the show.

I left the auditorium with tears in my eyes, makeup running down my face, and a smile.

When a band moves you to tears regardless of what song they’re playing or how sick you are… that’s a band that will stick with you for life… even if they’re breaking up in just under two years.