My friend Jessica and I weren’t quite sure how last night would go. We met up a couple hours before the show to have a couple of drinks and just vent about the long week of work and concerts (she’s a writer for Twin Cities Media with me and we have become good friends through our obsession in live music). After a couple of drinks, laughs, and flat out bitch sessions, we got the call and our strange night began.

Jessica and I really weren’t planning on going to the show last night. The whole idea of going to see Soulja Boy live was kind of just a novelty to us. It was something we wanted to do purely for the entertainment factor and we just couldn’t justify the $25 ticket price. Thankfully, I had made a friend in local rapper Lyric Marid after seeing him open for the 50 Cent show and, and he was willing to help Jessica and I out. Here’s the catch, we had to snag the tickets from him. So there we were, drunk at the bar, just waiting for the call from Lyric. I assumed we were going to just meet him at the venue and get the tickets but he had a different idea.

In the metal scene, it’s customary for bands selling tickets to come to you in order to seel a ticket so I don’t know why I was so surprised when Lyric called me and asked where we were so he could come to us. I told him what bar we were at and, before I knew it, I was meeting Lyric’s truck on the corner and buying two tickets from him. I have to be honest, it felt a bit sketchy I mean, what do you think the cars behind Lyric thought we were doing? I was reaching into the window with money and pulling something out of the car. Jessica and I couldn’t help but chuckle at what just happened but we also couldn’t stop talking about how awesome it was that Lyric, on his way to his show, made a pit stop just to get us tickets. The amount of appreciation we had for him (and maybe the alcohol) had us feeling warm inside and we were more than ready for whatever would come next.

After another drink, we made our way downtown and to the venue. We were greeted by a giant line and started wondering if this was really the best idea we could have made. Earlier in the night, we had been speculating what kind of crowd would be at the show. As soon as we got in line, we had a good feel for what was to come and it wasn’t quite what we wanted but it was almost exactly what we thought we would get. A word that came to mind regarding the crowd when we were standing in line would be “obnoxious”. The crowd seemed young, too young, and drunk, too drunk. Jessica and I just stood there, laughing and wondering what the hell we had gotten ourselves into.

When we finally got inside The Fine Line, we were greeted by a whole different side of the Minnesota hip-hop world that we were used to. Acts were moving quickly on and off the stage which may have been a blessing. There were some groups and people that we just couldn’t get into and others that we wish had more than just a ten or fifteen minute set. It was strange to be at a show without familiar faces on the stage. Sure, we knew the headlining act, I knew who Lyric was, and I knew the DJ of the night but that’s where it ended. It was almost a surreal thing for the two of us who are more comfortable at concerts than anywhere else.

After multiple local acts, it was time for Lyric Marid and I was more than excited. Lyric caught me at that 50 Cent show a couple weeks ago with his Minnesota brand of rap. He had a sense of aggression that I had never seen before from my favorite locals in Doomtree or the artists of Rhymesayers. It’s not your typical aggression, more just a true love and devotion to the craft. You can feel the dedication he has to his music and that is more than enough to have me sold. Seeing Lyric for the first time a couple weeks ago truly opened my eyes to a completely new scene that I didn’t even know and I was more than ready to fall deeper in love with this scene that was so new to me.

Although he has this undeniable sense of aggression and energy while on stage, Lyric still stays true to the Minnesota brand of hip-hop that I have truly fallen in love with. He sings about life in Minnesota, about raising his child, about being a normal guy and just trying to get through day to day life. That’s something that I truly love about this whole scene. It’s approachable and accessible but still doesn’t seem frilly or fake. Lyric, like many of the other acts that took the stage last night, was surrounded by his friends. It was a beautiful clusterfuck on stage of people on phones, people with microphones, people just standing there… it was truly a different experience than any other show I’ve ever been to.

After Lyric’s set and a little bit of time of J. Plaza hyping up the crowd with a mix done by DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip, Soulja Boy exploded onto the stage and the crowd erupted into a sweaty mess.

Jessica and I had speculated what Soulja Boy’s set would be like. As I mentioned, going to this show was more for entertainment and we weren’t really expecting much but as Soulja Boy powered through song after song, we realized that this was so much more than a night of just entertainment, Soulja Boy was legitimately killing it on stage. Sure, his songs seem a little silly to me and the crowd was a bit on the obnoxious side when it came to the drunk level but when you take away the annoyances of the show last night, you were left with a truly great night.

Unfortunately, Soulja Boy’s set seemed short but, let’s be honest, he didn’t even take the stage until a quarter to 1AM so he only had so much time before bar close. I ended up knowing way more songs that I thought I would and, even during the songs I didn’t know, I couldn’t help but dance around a bit. The energy that Soulja Boy had was undeniable and more than contagious. For such a little guy (I was truly shocked just how small he is), he knew how to command a crowd and get people hyped and moving.

Last night was weird. I mean, I didn’t ever think I would see Soulja Boy live and, more importantly, I never thought I would truly enjoy his set. Never say no to a set because you assume you know what you’re getting into. The truth is, you never know.

Huge shoutout to Lyric Marid for helping us out with the tickets, hand delivering the tickets with a smile, and absolutely slaying it on stage.

Line Up (I honestly didn’t catch the name of every single person that took the stage . My apologies but, everyone who took the stage killed it!):

Lyric Marid


Soulja Boy

Venue: Fine Line

Sausage Fest Meter- 7 out of 10

Average Age of the Crowd- 19

Crowd Surfers- 1

Spotted Flying Through the Sky- Cups, Alcohol, Ice

Stage Divers (kind of )- 1- One of the openers literally jumped from the balcony onto the stage

Broken Bones- 0

Fights- 0

Celebrity Sightings- None

Overall Score-8 out of 10

Show on Deck- The Menzingers/ Jeff Rosenstock/ Rozwell Kid