Last night was one of those nights where the smile never left my face. I was surrounded by the best of friends throughout the night and just let myself get lost in the crowd, the scene, and the music. It was one of those nights where I felt like I spent more time socializing than anything else. It’s not that I was ignoring what was happening on stage because, well, how could you? But, as someone who rarely gets to just hang out with friends, I seized the opportunity to catch up with everyone while experiencing what turned out to be an amazing concert.

Australian rockers Make Them Suffer started the night off with a high level of brutality and energy that would stay intense throughout the night. Unfortunately, even though the venue’s website, the event page, and the tickets said that doors were at 7, music at 7:30, apparently that meant that the band started at 7 and my friends and I were only able to catch a couple songs. The songs that I did catch were beyond amazing and I was quickly regretting that final drink I had at the bar prior to getting to the show.

I have listened to Make Them Suffer before and was instantly struck by their prominent use of keyboards. As a pianist, it was something that I really focused in on and truly appreciated. Unfortunately, from my vantage point, I didn’t see a keyboardist and, from the talk I heard from friends who were able to see the whole stage, there was none. I was a little bummed but quickly got over it when I was hit with the wall of sound that Make Them Suffer was producing. The band had more energy than some headliners I’ve seen in the past and the crowd was treating them like royalty with the amount of pushing and shoving that was going on. To see an opening band from Australia get this much respect from a nearly sold out crowd was one of those things that reminded me why I fell in love with this scene to begin with.

Stray From the Path was the next band to play and the one that I knew the most about. My friend put it best at dinner before the show, “They are like Rage Against the Machine but heavier and more current.” I have to be honest, when he first said that I didn’t quite agree with him but, with that thought in the back of my mind, I wholeheartedly agreed after just a couple of notes. SFTP has political undertones in their music but it’s not something they really talk about. They let the music do the talking for them and it is beyond perfect. They have a DIY attitude that I more than respect and have an unimaginable sense of energy when playing live.

I fell in love with these guys because of the intensity of their live shows. Singer Andrew Dijorio has this way of conveying a sense of energy that screams aggression without being violent. It’s impossible to get a picture of him without it looking like just a blur because he can’t stand still. You can’t help but want to jump into the pit when watching Andrew stomp from side to side of the stage so that’s exactly what I did. Andrew asked for the crowd to start a couple of circle pits around the poles that obstruct the open space at the Cabooze. Who was I to say no? I threw my bag to a friend and let myself get lost in the sweaty mess of people. Although I didn’t stay in the pit long due to exhaustion and old age, I got what I needed out of it. I got that feeling of pure euphoria and love that you get at a show like this.

Ending the night with a bang was Architects from England. To say that this band had impacted the lives of nearly everyone in the show last night would not be an exaggeration. You could tell by the amount of people screaming along in the crowd, that these guys meant everything to so many people and being able to see them in such an intimate setting was more than life changing. As someone who walked into the show as a passive listener of Architects, I was instantly transformed into a fan after seeing them perform.

The amount of respect I have for this band is immeasurable. These guys have truly been through hell and back but, with the love from the fans and this whole scene that many of us call family, they have made it through some truly dark times. Just last August, founding guitarist and songwriter Tom Searle died of skin cancer at the young age of 28. Having a band member pass away is enough to make any band hang it up but, for Architects, Tom was more than just a member of the band… he was also drummer Dan Searle’s twin brother. I couldn’t imagine being able to still go out and play the music after all of this but, like so many other bands that have lost members far too early, Architects kept it going in the spirit of Tom and, whether you like their music or not, you can’t help but fall in love with the passion this band has.

The thing that strikes me about Architects are the vocals. They feel tortured in a way. I’m not quite sure how singer Sam Carter does it but when he screams you hear strain and beauty at the same time. It’s a unique feature to an already unique band and just another check on the list of perfection for this band. The rage and aggression that comes through the music is undeniable and helped add to the palpable energy happening in the venue during their set. The guitar riffs seem technical but they are catchy. It seriously feels like whatever you pick out about this band, there’s something to juxtapose it against and that’s something you don’t usually get from a band.

Architects’ set was longer than most sets you see at shows like this. After over an hour of playing through thirteen songs that seemed to span their whole musical career, the band members left the stage. The crowd was left pleading for just two more songs… one more song… anything! Apparently the pleading and begging worked and the crowd cheered as the band members took the stage for an encore. As Architects played the final song of their two song encore, they promised the crowd that they would be back soon. I hope that’s true.

Last night was one of those nights where I was hugging everyone (if you know me, you know I hate hugs). It was one of those nights that the smile never left my face and I was truly happy to be where I was with who I was with. Last night was one of those perfect nights.

Line Up:

Make Them Suffer

Stray From the Path



Venue: The Cabooze

Sausage Fest Meter- 8 out of 10

Average Age of the Crowd- 29

Crowd Surfers- 27

Stage Divers-0

Broken Bones- 0


Celebrity Sightings- Evan of Milestone/ DJ & Eric of Buried Above Ground/ Carlos & Dustin of By The Thousands/ Lee of Mithya… oh man, I’m sure I’m forgetting people and I’m sorry but basically everyone was out last night

Overall Score-9 out of 10

Show on Deck-  Mac Sabbath (McDonald’s metal)/ Metalachi (mariachi metal)/ Okilly Dokilly (Ned Flanders metal)/ Metallagher— Yeah, tonight is going to get weird.