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Going Through These Life Changes

To see a band that has meant absolutely everything to you for the past 15 years is enough to make you cry. To hear them play songs that truly helped you through the hardest part of your life, well, that's almost... Continue Reading →


I didn't know what to expect at last night's show but I was more than pleasantly surprised with what I got. The show started with local group Busey. The trio took the stage with instruments in hand and no pants on (no,... Continue Reading →

Agenda Suicide

Say you are stranded on a desert island with five bands. Those five bands are the only bands you will see live again for the rest of your life. Who would you chose? The Faint's music isn't what I typically... Continue Reading →

More Than Flashing Lights and Sounds

I've always wanted to see Thrice live. I had a chance a couple of months ago. I even bought a ticket to go see them down in Kansas but a string of unfortunate events made it impossible for me to... Continue Reading →

To Keep & To Be Kept

The singer of one of the opening bands, Star Magnet, joked around saying that he saw Jack and he had to have been at least eight feet tall. Everyone in the audience chuckled and shrugged it off but it all... Continue Reading →

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Curiosity killed the cat. When a show sells out at First Avenue, it's a thing. When a band sells out two nights back to back, it's a big deal. When a band sells out back to back shows on a Monday/... Continue Reading →

I Am So Glad You Stuck True To Your Obsessions

There are no words to describe how awesome last night was. Absolutely no words. Gypsy punk- it's a thing. It's an amazing thing. Gogol Bordello is my favorite gypsy punk band out there (yes, there are many of them). Gypsy... Continue Reading →

I Wanna Live Where The Wild Winds Blow

Dallas Green is a god to people. Much like Anthony Green of Circa Survive, (My Post: Would You Trade Your Soul?) people worship Dallas Green. I'm just not one of them. Apparently the key to being successful in the music world... Continue Reading →

There’s No Need For Dreaming

It's like my dad always says, "They are great at what they do, I just hate what they do." That statement perfectly describes last night for me. Indie pop was the name of the game last night at First Avenue.... Continue Reading →

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