Dallas Green is a god to people. Much like Anthony Green of Circa Survive, (My Post: Would You Trade Your Soul?) people worship Dallas Green. I’m just not one of them. Apparently the key to being successful in the music world is to have the last name “Green”.

Dallas Green is the singer of City & Colour, the band I saw last night. I do not worship him like majority of the crowd did but I also don’t hate him.

Dallas Green has an amazing voice. It’s almost as good as Anthony Green’s but, let’s be honest, nobody can touch Anthony’s vocals. Enough of me trying to convince you that Anthony is better (make up your own damn mind!).

Dallas Green’s voice is high and soft. It’s sultry and soothing. It’s perfect for a snowy day when you’re just sitting at home and cross stitching while your cats lay beside you. (Yes, I live an exciting life outside of going to shows.) In my mind, that’s where it stops. Yes, Dallas is extremely talented and the music is good but there’s nothing there to see live.

Dallas Green and his talented band took the stage and played their songs. There was some clapping and some singing coming from the sold out crowd but that was it. There was nothing to watch, nothing to do.

Tickets for the show were not cheap. It was one of those shows where, unless you knew the words to the songs or had some deep connection with the band, you were going to leave wishing you had saved your money and not gone to the show. Thankfully, it seemed like majority of the crowd had that deep connection or knew the words to the songs. I’m just not one of them.

Dallas Green used to be the frontman of Alexisonfire. Alexisonfire is the band that I had a connection to. It was raw and fast and hard. It was more my speed. I think I went to the show last night hoping that I could get that connection with City & Colour but unfortunately, it just doesn’t work like that. Dallas’ voice and mannerisms were completely unrecognizable to the voice and mannerisms he had while in Alexisonfire.

I should have known last night was not going to take me back to the days of seeing Alexisonfire. People grow up and mature, I’m just naive enough to think that some things will always stay the same.

Honestly, last night ruined City & Colour for me. It was boring. I was bored. There was nothing wrong with the show other than that but having a boring live show is my biggest turn off.

Sorry Dallas, you’re talented but not for me, can we still be friends?

Line Up:

Hurray For The Riff Raff— Not for me, but good band

City & Colour

Venue- First Avenue Mainroom

Sausage Fest Meter- 0 out of 10

Broken Bones/ Injuries- None

Average Age- 30

How Many Times I Yawned- 24

Percentage of the Crowd Wearing Flannel- 86.4225%