It’s like my dad always says, “They are great at what they do, I just hate what they do.” That statement perfectly describes last night for me.

Indie pop was the name of the game last night at First Avenue. The indie pop game is definitely not one that I frequently play. It’s not that the bands last night weren’t great. It’s more that I’m not a fan of that music. It doesn’t make me feel as much as I want out of the music I listen to.

Misterwives is an indie pop band from New York that, although they only have one full length album out, has taken the indie scene by storm. Their LP, titled Our Own House, was released in February of this year and they seem to have been touring virtually nonstop since then. In addition to Our Own House, Misterwives have an EP that was released in January of last year entitled Reflections. Even though they didn’t have much material to choose from, Misterwives put on a great show last night.

I can’t deny that the feeling in the air was electric during the hour long set. Although it was short, it was full of energy and fun. Misterwives is one of those bands that when you see them live, you can’t help but smile. It didn’t matter that I did not enjoy the music all that much What matters is I enjoyed the energy they brought to the table.

The music was a bit too generic for me if you want me to be completely honest. It was too cutesy and too clean. That being said, singer Mandy Lee has an absolutely amazing voice. It was powerful and in tune which has proved to be tough for other bands in the genre that I have seen. It seems like you typically have to chose if you want a good voice or a lot of energy from these female fronted bands but Lee proves that that’s not a choice you necessarily need to make when it comes to Misterwives. She was keeping up vocally while running around stage and giving you something to watch. I don’t know that there was one point in her set that she wasn’t moving. Even during the acoustic performance of their song Coffins, Lee sat on the edge of the stage was was swaying back and forth and keeping the crowd involved.

Cruisr and Waters opened the show. Both bands were great. Their music sounded good and poppy and it got the crowd warmed up for Misterwives. Unfortunately, these bands had extremely short sets. I would love to see both of them in the future with longer sets. There’s something there that had me intrigued, I just couldn’t tell you what.

There was nothing wrong with last night. I just wasn’t into it. My friend Angel (who took me to this show) loved every second if Misterwives’ set. She connected with it in a way that I just couldn’t but I’m sure there are bands out there that I connect with on a level that people don’t understand. So all that being said, I get it. I understand why this music is as popular as it is. I understand why last night was a packed house for a band that I had never heard of. It’s relatable music… just not relatable for me.

All of the bands last night were great at what they do… I’m just not a  huge fan of what they do.

Line Up:




Venue- First Avenue

Sausage Fest Meter-  -There were maybe 20 guys there

Broken Bones/ Injuries- None

Average Age- 16

Popular Fashion Trend of the Night- Dancing shoes (Get it? Because everyone was dancing!)

Crowd Surfers- None

Spotted Flying Through The Air- Waters threw out a bunch of fake flowers to the fans

Curse Words Said Through the Microphones- 22

Drunkards Taken Out Be Security- The only bar open was upstairs (stupid all ages shows) so I didn’t see anyone drinking to begin with.