Girl at the Rock Shows



You Sing The Words But Don’t Know What It Means

One slice of pizza, three bottles of water, over 18,000 steps, [maybe] one too many alcoholic beverages, and a whole lot of smiles and hugs... it's my favorite time of the year-- Riot Fest! I've never written about my experience... Continue Reading →

And I Crash My Car Cause I Wanna Get Carried Away

There was a rush of energy throughout the venue every time someone took the stage on Tuesday night. Even if it wasn't a musician and just a tech or production team member, there was cheering and applause. It really set... Continue Reading →

Don’t Take My Money

One day festivals are the best. It gives me a chance to get my ginger skin some sun and to have a couple drinks with friends while listening to all sorts of music. Unlike a weekend festival with multiple stages,... Continue Reading →

I Wanna Get Better

I turned 26 on Monday. I know that's not too old but in my mind, I'm one step closer to 30 and that much closer to becoming the crazy cat lady. I decided to take myself out to a guilty pleasure... Continue Reading →

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