I turned 26 on Monday. I know that’s not too old but in my mind, I’m one step closer to 30 and that much closer to becoming the crazy cat lady.

I decided to take myself out to a guilty pleasure show.

I’m not typically a fan of top 40 music but Bleachers is definitely in my top 10 bands right now. Their debut album Strange Desire is the first album in a long time that I can listen to front to back and not get bored and not skip through half of the songs. It was the album that got me through my most recent break-up. It’s the music that I turn up as loud as I can in my car when cruising home from work. Maybe it’s because I find the singer extremely attractive, maybe it’s because the music is upbeat, maybe it’s because I can relate to majority of their lyrics about heartbreak and wanting to “get better”, whatever it is, I love Bleachers. There, I said it. I love a top 40 band. No shame.

From the second I got to the venue, I felt like a zoo animal. I stopped counting how many times a tween would comment on my “look” after I ran out of fingers to count on. “You are so hardcore, that is so cool!” “What do your parents think about all of your piercings, you ears, and tattoos?” “Where did you get that awesome hat?” “Where do you get your piercings done?” “How many tattoos do you have?” “Did your tattoos and piercings hurt?” I guess I was kind of asking for it. I showed up at a straight up radio pop show with my hair tied up and a tank top on leaving my stretched ears (okay, not going to lie, they are huge), neck piercing, other random facial piercings and sleeves of tattoos for all to see. The sad thing is… I look normal at majority of the shows I go to. Why is that I always look out of place at the ones I go to alone?

Then the music started and I was no longer annoyed. I no longer felt like the center of attention for the impressionable tweens.. I didn’t notice the 12 years olds gawking at me in amazement. It was just me, the band, and the music.

The music was great. The set was full of energy and Jack, the singer of Bleachers, was looking just as good as he does in the pictures. The crowd… well I was less than impressed with the crowd. Bleachers is pop music, pop music is happy music, you can’t just stand there while listening to happy music.. you have to jump, dance, act a fool, let all of the stress from the day leave you. Maybe it’s because the crowd was too young to have day jobs so there was not much stress to release, but the crowd sucked. They stood there, arms crossed. Pop anthems being wasted on a lame crowd, such a shame. Eventually, they started to warm up. Eventually, they started jumping and dancing. The energy in the crowd grew with each song. Maybe it was in anticipation for the headliner, Charli XCX. Whatever it was, at least it got the crowd going.

Bleachers played almost everything off of their debut album along with some new material and a cover. Is was everything I needed for the night. Their most popular song is also my favorite song. It has become my theme song for the time being. The second that song started I lost it, I was pushing those poor 10 year olds out of my way with no shame. I was screaming the words at the top of my lungs. “And I crash my car ’cause I wanna get carried away… that’s why I’m standing on the overpass screaming at myself… Hey! I wanna get better!”

And then it was over. The band walked off the stage and I was back to being out of place at a concert, the place I usually feel most at home.

I didn’t stay for the headliner, Charli XCX. I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt out of place, I was still hungover from celebrating my birthday the night before, and honestly… I’m old and I was tired and wanted to go home and catch up on sleep.

I got to see Bleachers in concert and still got home and in bed by 10. Happy 26th birthday to me!

Line Up:


Charli XCX

Venue: Cabooze 

Sausage Fest Meter-  -87 out of 10

Average Age of the Crowd- 9 … okay.. maybe 13.

Crowd Surfers- These kids didn’t even know what crowd surfing is

Spotted Flying Through The Sky- Nothing, their parents were watching them from the balcony

Broken Bones- Seriously?

Drunkards Taken Out By Security- I was the only one old enough to drink

Found in the Pit- HA!