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Comfortably Dumb, Endearing To Some

I am a creature of habit. I like "my spots", "my bartenders", and "my bathroom" at "my venues". It may shock you to find out (although it won't be a shock if you actually know me) that I am a... Continue Reading →

I’ll Leave Regrets For Dead And Sing Along

Last night almost didn't happen. I don't know what I was thinking. I blame it on my trip to California and an exhausting schedule so far this summer but the truth is, I just slept on tickets and for some... Continue Reading →

Put Some Music On, Maybe I’ll Come Around

The holiday weekend may be over but you wouldn't know that if you were at the 7th Street Entry on Tuesday night. Something in the air screamed energy and the crowd was clearly there to party. Honestly, after a first... Continue Reading →

We’re Not Getting Any Younger

Last night was a blur. An absolutely beautiful blur. Did I drink too much? Absolutely. Did I stay out way past my bed time? Definitely. Am I getting too old for this shit? Yup! But when Dillinger Four announces a... Continue Reading →

This Isn’t What We Want. This Isn’t What We Need. This Is What We Can Afford!

Yesterday was one of those days that just can't be put into words. For the past 16 or 18 years (nobody is really quite sure), Dillinger Four has been putting on D4th of July here in Minneapolis. It's a day... Continue Reading →

Triple Rock Social Club: A Love Story

I was 18 and freshly moved out of my dad's house. I moved up to The Twin Cities for school and swore I would never look back. I tried to act like everything was fine but, the truth is, those... Continue Reading →

My Life’s A Mystery

My long and extremely emotional Minnesota goodbye to The Triple Rock Social Club continued last night. We are down to the single digits for my nights spent at this legendary club and I honestly am so overwhelmed with emotions you... Continue Reading →

I Wish You Loved Me Blah Blah Blah Blah

With a friend in town from Eau Claire, Wisconsin and another one in from Columbus, Ohio, it wasn't hard for me to come up with something to do. Sure, we could have gone to a baseball game or a nice... Continue Reading →

They Can Cover Their Ears But We Won’t Stop Screaming!

The fun continued yesterday with day two of the Memory Lanes Block Party. It was yet another day full of good friends, cold drinks, and great music. Even though the crowd was a bit bigger than it had been on... Continue Reading →

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