Last night was a blur. An absolutely beautiful blur. Did I drink too much? Absolutely. Did I stay out way past my bed time? Definitely. Am I getting too old for this shit? Yup! But when Dillinger Four announces a Friday night show just a couple of blocks away from your apartment, you get a ticket, get a group of friends together for an epic pregame, and stumble to the show bright eyed and bushy tailed.

The 8PM door time followed by the 9PM start time was a bit intimidating. I love old shows but I’m old now and just don’t have the energy for it. That being said, it wasn’t anything a couple of vodka Redbulls couldn’t fix. Not surprisingly, when my friends and I arrived at The Uptown VFW right at 9, the music had yet to start and the line to get into the venue side of the bar was snaked through the sports bar part of the bar (the Uptown VFW is huge and has three rooms each with a different vibe– seriously a very cool spot). We finally got through the line, got our drinks and claimed a spot in the sold out crowd just in time for opening act Getting Stabbed to take the stage at 9:40 (yeah, it was going to be a late one).

With little to no information online about this band, I really can’t add any details that I typically would like the member’s names or how long they have been around. What I can tell you is Getting Stabbed’s name has been around for a wee bit and has been on my list to check out. They kicked the Friday night show off with a sense of power and brutality. Their sound was heavy and in your face and it wasn’t hard to see why so many people have been talking about this band. With only about twenty minutes on stage, the band gave the rowdy audience everything they had. Last night may have been my first time catching Getting Stabbed but it definitely won’t be the last.

After another drink and some more socializing, it was time for Empire Down. They kept the energy high as they powered through their intense set of punk music that bridged the gap between hardcore, oi, metal and everything else in-between. Vocalist Jon Phetteplace had this uncanny way of captivating the audience. There was just something so sincere about him as he screamed into the microphone. I really have no way to words to describe it but I can say that this is a band that you just have to see live. Much like Getting Stabbed, Empire Down’s set seemed far too short and I’m already craving another chance to catch this powerful band live.

After another drink and some more socializing (you may notice a trend here and said trend may explain why I woke up feeling like complete death), a personal favorite of mine- Victory- took the stage. Keeping with a unique brand of music that blended many genres into a sound unlike anything else, this Twin Cities based oi band had the audience moving. The small pit had opened up and seemed to take over most of the space in front of the stage. Having seen these guys before, I knew they were going to kill it but having not seen them since March of 2017, I forgot just how much I was going to love their set. A truly captivating band, I found myself completely lost in the music and completely forgetting to stress out over the fact that it was nearly midnight and we still had two bands to go. Having been around since 2012, this five-piece has perfected their sound and seeing a local group with that much power and talent definitely warmed my heart.

After another drink and some more socializing it was time for the almighty Dillinger Four. Having just seen these guys on Sunday night at Wrestlepalooza, I was more than ready for an actual show that wasn’t interrupted by wrestling (although no complaints about them playing that event- it was amazing). The group was up to their usual shenanigans and each song was followed by story time from bassist Patrick Costello. His stories were actually relevant last night (they typically are not and just come off as drunken ramblings which, well, they are) and he talked about all of the times he had met Paul Bearer- the singer of Sheer Terror who was headlining the show. The stories were charming and the quips from the other band mates were on point.

Just like the other bands that had played before them, D4’s set seemed too short for my liking but they fit in all of the songs I wanted to hear. The crowd was clearly passionate as they pushed and shoved their way through the set all the while screaming along to every word and never missing a beat. Sure, every scene has their hometown heroes, I get that, but we have Dillinger Four and, I’m sorry, we win. There’s just something so honest about this band. Before their set, all of the members could be spotted mingling in the audience and bellying up to the bar for their signature shots of Jameson Whiskey. These guys may be a huge band to many people around the world but to those who live here, they are just those silly guys that are always around, always making new friends, and always smiling.

Unfortunately, the copious amounts of alcohol and the 4:50AM wake up time finally caught up with me by the time D4 was hauling their gear off the stage. My friends were feeling the struggle too so we made the decision to stumble on home and pass the hell out. Although super bummed I didn’t catch Sheer Terror, I think I can still chalk last night up to a complete win and an amazing night.

I feel like death this morning. There’s no doubt about that. That being said, I woke up with a giant smile on my face. I may not remember everything that happened but that smile tells me that last night was a hell of a good time.


Getting Stabbed

Empire Down


Dillinger Four

Sheer Terror

Venue: Uptown VFW

Sausage Fest Meter- 9.2 out of 10

Average Age of the Crowd- 33

Crowd Surfers- 4 Counted

Moshability- 8.2 out of 10

Stage Divers- None

Clothing of Choice- Anything Black and With Studs And Spikes

Broken Bones- 0

Spotted Flying Through The Air- Bodies, Cups, Drinks

Fights- 0

Pukers- 0

Idiots Taken Out By Security- None

Celebrity Sightings- None

Overall Score- 9.2 out of 10

Show on Deck- Lanco/ Caylee Hammack

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