The holiday weekend may be over but you wouldn’t know that if you were at the 7th Street Entry on Tuesday night. Something in the air screamed energy and the crowd was clearly there to party. Honestly, after a first day back at work after the long weekend and a nasty sunburn that was getting to the itchy stage, that vibe was exactly what I needed. Add the fact that my brother showed up with a beer for his favorite sister in tow and, well, yeah, last night was next to perfection.

Butcher’s Union is one of those local bands that I’ve been dying to see but never seem to be able to catch. Featuring Paddy and Billy of Dillinger Four, Christy from Pink Mink, Shawn from Gay Witch Abortion, and Scott from United Teachers of Music, it wouldn’t be an understatement to call this group a local supergroup. It was clear to hear the influences that each member brought to the table and it made a very distinct sound. A clash between dirty punk and pop-punk anthems, their music was everything that I wanted it to be and then some. The party-like vibe was coming through loud and clear as well as Paddy’s style of banter between the songs. It was a late starting show (or at least late for an old lady like me) but between the laughing and the infectious beats, I honestly didn’t care and was ready for whatever else was to come with the night.

I had never heard Spanish Love Songs prior to last night’s show but from the moment they took the stage and vocalist Dylan Slocum started singing words that hit a little too close to home, I was madly in love. The five piece powered through their set with very few words between songs which was fine by me. Their lyrics said more than any banter or conversation could. Clearly I’m a lyric lady and that can sell me on a band more than any creative beats or stunning guitar work but the great thing about Spanish Love Songs was that they had it all. Sure, I was busy trying to catch all of the lines of lyrics that would hit my right in the feel but there was no ignoring the contagious upbeat nature of the songs. Full of energy and an irresistible sense of passion, Spanish Love Songs easily stole my heart and I’m already hoping and praying for another visit from this California based five piece.

Closing out the Tuesday night show that seemed to go by far to fast was the mighty Iron Chic. My little brother had turned me onto these guys a couple of years ago and they’ve been a mild obsession of mine ever since. From their relateable lyrics to the beats that blur the lines between pop and punk and an always energetic live show, everything about this band is perfection and I never miss a chance to see them. They are definitely one of those bands that I could watch night after night, playing the exact same set, and never get bored with them.

Their setlist on Tuesday night was on point. From those original songs that I would play on repeat for hours on end when my brother introduced me to them to the newer songs from their most recent 2017 release, every song they played was one of my favorites. One of my favorite things about this band is the way that they can sound exactly like they do on recordings when playing live but it feels completely different. You can feel the passion, energy, and drive from the musicians as clearly as you can hear vocalist Jason Lubrano’s words. This whole feeling adds something that you just can’t get while you’re blasting the songs in your car or at home but also a feeling that seems to cling onto the music. Having seen Iron Chic a couple of times now, I feel like even when I’m just sitting at home or at work listening to their music, I can feel that endless stream of energy and passion from their live shows coming through my speakers.

The crowd was clearly feeding off that energy and quickly turned into a bit of a sweaty mess when Iron Chic started. That mess didn’t stop until the final note of the final song of the encore was left hanging in the air . Unfortunately there was a person in the front that just didn’t know the limits of being at such an intimate show. He kept touching Jason and you could see Jason’s frustration bottling up inside. It was just a matter of time before someone was going to explode but thankfully that never happened. I honestly don’t know what happened to the kid but he disappeared from my viewpoint. It seemed like it took Jason a little bit of time to recover but when he did, everything was back on point. Other than that one incident, the night was absolutely perfect and Iron Chic nailed it yet again just like I knew they would.

I stayed out a bit later than I would have liked to last night which made getting up for the gym a bit rough this morning but it was a good kind of rough. I woke up with a smile on my face and, although tired, feeling energized somehow and that’s a sign of a damn good show.

Line Up:

Butcher’s Union

Spanish Love Songs

Iron Chic

Venue: 7th Street Entry

Sausage Fest Meter- 9 out of 10

Average Age of the Crowd- 28

Crowd Surfers- 0

Dance-Ability- 7 out of 10

Stage Divers- 0

Broken Bones- 0

Spotted Flying Through The Air- Nothing

Fights- 0

Pukers- 0

Drunkards Taken Out By Security- 0

Celebrity Sightings- Members of Arms Aloft

Overall Score- 8.9 out of 10

Show on Deck- Vera Sola/ Bear’s Den

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