Girl at the Rock Shows



In My Viking Death Machine

Seeing some bands will never get old. Last night may have been my 48th time seeing Gwar in concert but I felt just as excited as I did the first time I saw them. A little obsessive? Maybe. Or maybe... Continue Reading →

If You Want Blood- You’ve Got It!

I was greeted by a staff that had traded in their signature black shirts for white ones. Nearly everything was covered in black trash bags. There's only one reason that those two things happen and that reason is Gwar. It... Continue Reading →

If Murder Was Music

Last night was the most perfect ending to an exhausting (but good) seven day concert bender. I got to see Gwar again last night. Like I said in my last post about them (The Blood Pit of Horror), it's the... Continue Reading →

The Bloody Pit of Horror

I drove four hours back to Des Moines, Iowa just to get doused in fake blood. Oh yeah, I get to spend some time with my family when I'm down here too. But more importantly... I drove down here for... Continue Reading →

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