Girl at the Rock Shows



Allapartus – “It’s Not That Bad”

I'm feeling angsty today. I'm not sure what set me off but I'm ready to take on the world and curl up in bed all at the same time. I know which of these vibes I should follow but I... Continue Reading →

Systems & Stories – “Osage”

Somehow it's already 11AM. I don't know where the day is going but I would like some of that time back because I have so much to do. My normal playlists of upbeat indie pop hits just aren't quite hitting... Continue Reading →

Jake Kulak & The Modern Vandals – “Caution Tape”

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's kind of a gloomy and dark day up here in Minneapolis today but "Caution Tape" from Jake Kulak & The Modern Vandals has my house feeling bright and full of life. This song is the perfect... Continue Reading →

Rubber LeBaron – ‘Bug Bite EP’

I'm having a hard time concentrating on work right now. Maybe it's the excitement of going to a show tonight that I know nothing about or maybe it's the anticipation of the expected first snow overnight, regardless, I just can't... Continue Reading →

Someday I’ll Appreciate In Value

The amount of people waiting to get into Target Field on Monday night was impressive to say the least. It’s been some time since I’ve seen that many people ready for a rock show and to say that it warmed... Continue Reading →

Corey Crumpacker – ‘Royal Blood’

The Nathaniel Rateliff vibe I got from Corey Crumpacker's single "Mirrors" had me intrigued. Although I have to be in the right mood for music like Nathaniel Rateliff, I feel like tonight is the night and I can't wait to dig into... Continue Reading →

Middle Finger Up

I'm so glad to have my life back. Instead of spending my Saturday night binge-watching some terrible show on TV, I was able to spend it at a high-energy show watching people shove each other around while feeling the beat... Continue Reading →

Homeless Radio – ‘The Truth’

It is hotter than hot out today. I was honestly going to spend my evening and night at the pool but it's just too downright hot to even make the trek over so, instead, let's check out some new music... Continue Reading →

Can I Say – ‘Flood’

I'm going to a show tomorrow! A real-life show! I know, I know, it's not my first one back but I'm still super excited for any show I get! Half of me wants to go to bed in preparation for... Continue Reading →

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