Girl at the Rock Shows



Milk White Throat- ‘Hierarchy’

I'm exhausted and should really spend my night in getting some extra sleep and catching up on some reading but, even after doing a few reviews, I still want more new music. I knew I didn't have the energy or... Continue Reading →

This Is My Panic! This Is My Call To Arms!

I'll admit it-- a couple nights off in a row was nice. My apartment is relatively clean, my cats are relatively happy, and I feel relatively rested for once. I had to change that and had to get to a... Continue Reading →

I Get In Trouble When Things Get Quiet

After a day of playing the role of a hermit and just laying around my apartment for majority of the day, I was more than ready to finally get out of the apartment. The line-up was the kind of line-up... Continue Reading →

I’m Homesick And Living In The Past

Most shows have at least one band that doesn't quite get me going. It's not that there's always a bad band on a show, more just one doesn't shine as bright as the others. That was definitely not the case... Continue Reading →

Nothing Can Take The Memory

It's hard to be a live music junkie in the Twin Cities. On any given night there are multiple shows going on that I want, no,┬áneed┬áto see. Last night there were choices to be made. Do I go see Blue... Continue Reading →

And You All Want The Lovely Music To Save Your Lives

After spending the last two nights at sweaty, smelly rock shows, last night was literally a breath of fresh air. There wasn't a mosh pit to watch and there weren't crowd surfers to count. It was a show where I... Continue Reading →

I’m Running Out Of Road But I’m Still Doing 75

I was genuinely excited for last night's show. Was I exhausted? Of course. I'm on a bit of a bender with no end in sight and, like usual, housework is piling up with no time to get it all done.... Continue Reading →

The Future Has Been Cancelled

I have yet to get a decent night's sleep and have yet to find the time to unpack from Chicago. It seems like everyone who played Riot Fest is now on the tour circuit through Minneapolis. Sure, I saw all... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Them Slow You Down

"Minneapolis has got it going on. There's a lot of talent in this town!" - James Dent May Jr. (of Dent May) Is there really much more that needs to be said? I stress all the time that the local... Continue Reading →

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