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Harker – “Medicine”

Taking a little vacation is great-- until you have to come back to the real world. I'm frustrated, stressed, and honestly just over trying to play catch up but I can't give up or give in. I have to keep... Continue Reading →

Trash Fiasco – “Bastard From A Basket”

I mean, the name of this band says all that you need to know-- well, kind of. Trash Fiasco is a trio from Chicago and I feel like their new single "Bastard From A Basket" is a perfect showcase of... Continue Reading →

SumNight 38 – “Born Too Late (The Good Old Times)”

To say that "Born Too Late (The Good Old Times)" by SumNight 38 is a pop-punk banger would be an understatement. Right off the bat, you are given a very Blink 182 feeling guitar riff before the song shoots into... Continue Reading →

fiN – “Lucky You”

fiN is not a new band to me. I have heard a few of their singles in the past and have always been impressed by them but I was absolutely struck by "Lucky You". Although this is not at all... Continue Reading →

Titans – “Cycles”

When you first hit play on "Cycles" by Titans, you are hit with an undeniable sense of power and aggression but this track is so much more than that. Personally, I love the hardcore influence that is heard throughout this... Continue Reading →

Ancira – “11:59”

I live in a pop-punk world. Not going to lie or try to hide it but every once in awhile I need something a bit heavier and today that is coming by way of Ancira's new song "11:59". This song... Continue Reading →

Autumn Kids – “Constellations”

I know nothing about the music scene in Germany but, after hearing "Constellations" from Autumn Kids, it's a world I absolutely want to dig into a little bit more. This track doesn't waste any time and instantly jumps into a... Continue Reading →

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