I’ve seen Dillinger Four multiple times but it has always been in a festival type setting. They killed it at the Pizza Luce Block Party over the summer. They are always amazing during their D4th of July festival every year in the parking lot of The Triple Rock in Minneapolis.

Last night though, last night was the best. It was like a right of passage… being able to see Dillinger Four headline a show at the Triple Rock in front of a sold out crowd. It’s a bit of a dream come true.

Dillinger Four is a legendary punk band from right here in Minneapolis. If you’re in the punk scene anywhere across the world, you know exactly who Dillinger Four is. Even though they are giants in the scene, they are just normal people in the cities. Seriously, normal. Like normal as in Paddy, bass/vocals, is a bartender at Grumpy’s on Washington Ave on weeknights and at the Grumpy’s in Northeast Minneapolis on the weekends. Normal as in Erik Funk is an owner of the Triple Rock (the venue they played last night). Normal as in they are just a bunch of guys that live in this amazing city and keep a low profile even though they have fans across the world.

Last night was the kind of night where kids in the crowd were being called out by first name by the guys in the band. It was almost like some people got together and called some friends and decided to go wild and have a night of music and friendship. Wait, that’s exactly what it was.

It was so informal that it didn’t even seem like a concert. There were people walking across the stage just because they were drunk and had no clue where they were. The amount of shots and drinks that passed from crowd to stage was ridiculous. There’s no way to count how many missed notes and false starts to songs there were. To be honest, after the fifth round of shots and beer that were passed to the band members, the show kind of turned into a train wreck but it was perfect and everything I wanted for my first Dillinger Four Triple Rock show.

All of the bands last night were amazing. Color TV really stood out for me. They were everything a garage band should be only they were polished and perfect. It was very much garage punk/surf punk which usually leaves a bit to be desired but these guys didn’t. They knew what was going on and knew how to get the crowd excited.

The other local band that stood out to me (again, all of them were amazing and I could talk your ears off all day about the amazingness of this show) was Naive Sense. They were intense and full of energy and I truly can’t wait to see them live again.

The music last night was far from perfect but everything about the show was perfect. If you ever get a chance to see a Dillinger Four show in the Twin Cities, don’t you dare pass it up.

Line Up:
Dillinger Four

France Camp

Näive Sense

Color TV


Venue: Triple Rock

Sausage Fest Meter- 12 out of 10

Crowd Surfers- 7

Stage Divers- 6

Broken Bones- None

Average Age- 25

Found in the Pit- Beer and a scarf

Spotted Flying Through The Air- Cups, Cans, Beer, 1 Paper Airplane

Shout-outs- Stay Clean Jolene— Paddy from Dillinger Four said that if anyone wrote about the show they had to shout out this band from England so here it is. Make sure you check them out. They truly are great!

Overall Score- 9.5 out of 10

Show on Deck- New Madrid/ All Them Witches