Everyday is full of choices. You have to choose whether or not to go to work. You have to choose what you’re going to wear. You have to choose what you’re going to eat. Most importantly, you have to choose which concert you are going to go that night.

I had a choice to make last night. There was the Puscifer show at Northrop Auditorium. That could be a cool show. I mean, it’s Maynard from Tool, but a show at Northrop breaks one of my cardinal rules of “never go to a show where you have to sit in an assigned seat”. There was the Unearth show at The Pourhouse. Unearth are hardcore legends and I had a couple of friends opening up the show but it would be another night full of the same metal/ hardcore music that I typically go see. Then there was the Starset show. I saw these guys a couple months ago and wasn’t impressed but my friends kept telling me how awesome their live show is. Maybe they were just having an off night the last time I saw them.

I had to choose.

I chose the Starset show because of everything my friends had told me and some of the live footage I had seen. The last time I saw them must have just been an off night for them because all of the live videos I watched made it seem like they had an amazing live show. Their show is full of lighting effects and energy… or at least that’s how the videos made it out to seem. Their music, although not my style, seemed to be extremely different and interesting.

I had to choose a show last night. I chose wrong.

So yeah, Starset had a pretty cool light show going on. All of the members, except for the singer, had these light up gas masks on which had a really cool effect when look at it from far away from the stage. On each side of the stage was a giant screen that would show pretty awesome visuals throughout the set. In the middle of the stage was a giant touchscreen thing. I don’t even know how to explain it but basically, it was a piece of glass with a Kaoss pad projected onto it. It ended up being a giant touchscreen.

That’s about where the excitement ended for me. The whole light show and touchscreen thing was a little to gimmicky for me. My friend that works sound at majority of these shows had been kicked off the sound board and was replaced by a kid who seemed to have no eardrums. The sound mix was terrible. Any talent this band had was washed out by over-done reverb and heavy bass. Maybe that’s what they were going for, maybe I’m just too old to understand, but it just made my head throb.

All in all, I don’t get the hype. Kids were completely losing their minds over this crap and all that was going through my mind was, “What am I going to make for dinner when I get home?” and, “Oh shit, that cute bartender is headed my way.” Sure, the live show gave you something to watch but it seemed completely over the top and honestly it seemed fake. I didn’t believe that the touchscreen was actually a touchscreen. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, regardless, it didn’t sell me on the band.

The locals last night were fine and tolerable compared to Starset but it still didn’t keep my interest. The music was the generic radio rock sound that is the bane of my existence. Sure, the bands sounded clean and yeah, the crowd was eating it up but it takes a hell of a lot more than some cliche lyrics and power chords to win me over.

So maybe it’s my fault. I wasn’t prepared. Per usual, I didn’t do much research into the bands and was completely let down. A live show is everything to me. These guys had that awesome live show but yet I still walked out early because it was too gimmicky and the music didn’t have me caught. I gave these guys a second chance and I still didn’t fall in love. They get one more chance and then, like in the great game of football, three strikes, you’re out (I don’t sport).

Line Up:

My Memory Remains

The Manic Diaries

Favor The Fall

Sin City Escape


Venue: Amsterdam Bar & Hall

Sausage Fest Meter- 7 out of 10

Broken Bones- None

Average Age- 19

Level of Moshing- None

Crowd Surfers- None

Fights- None

Drunkards Taken Out By Security- 1– but they made him pay his bar tab first

Celebrity Sightings- None because they all went to the other shows– like I should have

Overall Score- 1 out of 10

Show On Deck- Sims/ Sophia Eris and More!!!!