Girl at the Rock Shows



Tomorrow We’ll Regret Today

Here's a joke for you: A mariachi accordionist, deathgrind vocalist, and a Mexican drug cartel lord walk into a bar... Yeah, last night was weird. Pinata Protest was the first band to take the stage and the band that stole... Continue Reading →

Just Like The Color Clear

When I'm addicted to a TV show that gets cancelled or ends, I never watch the last episode. I don't want to believe that it's over so I will watch every episode over and over again... except for the last one.... Continue Reading →

We’ll Fight Until We Die

Last night was heavy. It was heavy and amazing. It was amazing. Parkway Drive took over The Cabooze and won over my heart last night. They hit the stage with more energy than pretty much any other metalcore band I... Continue Reading →

If Murder Was Music

Last night was the most perfect ending to an exhausting (but good) seven day concert bender. I got to see Gwar again last night. Like I said in my last post about them (The Blood Pit of Horror), it's the... Continue Reading →

Don’t Worry About A Thing

This summer has turned me into a huge reggae fan. First it was the Slightly Stoopid show that I wrote about in the post My Sweet Summer is Gone. Last night was the Damian and Stephen Marley show that turned my "like"... Continue Reading →

My Sweet Summer is Gone

I want dreadlocks. I want them so bad. I chicken out every time I get close to getting them. I think there may be something weird about a ginger with dreadlocks. I've also been told by a lot of people... Continue Reading →

I Wanna Get Better

I turned 26 on Monday. I know that's not too old but in my mind, I'm one step closer to 30 and that much closer to becoming the crazy cat lady. I decided to take myself out to a guilty pleasure... Continue Reading →

We Scream The Loudest While Saying Nothing

Most people look at a concert as a full bill. They look at all of the bands that are playing and decide if the show is worth the ticket price. Not me. There were three bands on the bill last... Continue Reading →

We Sleep Inside of This Machine

Yesterday was terrible. It was just a bad day for me. Nothing terrible or life-shattering happened. It was just a bad day. I saw Brand New again last night. My day went from terrible to the greatest day ever in... Continue Reading →

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