Girl at the Rock Shows



I Am So Glad You Stuck True To Your Obsessions

There are no words to describe how awesome last night was. Absolutely no words. Gypsy punk- it's a thing. It's an amazing thing. Gogol Bordello is my favorite gypsy punk band out there (yes, there are many of them). Gypsy... Continue Reading →

Ships With Holes Will Sink And I Will Swim

Last night was a great end to my five day concert bender. It was peaceful, calm, and soothing. We Were Promised Jetpacks is an indie rock band from Scotland with a following of diehard fans. Like majority of the random shows... Continue Reading →

Release Your Wiggle

Twerk: to dance to popular music with the body bent low and the hips moving forwards and backwards Big Freedia left me speechless the last time I saw her at P.O.S's The Fucking Best Show Ever festival over the summer.... Continue Reading →

Only A Fool Is Never Afraid

Things change with time. I get that. There are bands I used to obsess over growing up that I haven't kept track of. There are also some that I still follow religiously. Regardless of if I've been able to catch... Continue Reading →

We’ll Fight Until We Die

Last night was heavy. It was heavy and amazing. It was amazing. Parkway Drive took over The Cabooze and won over my heart last night. They hit the stage with more energy than pretty much any other metalcore band I... Continue Reading →

I Wanna Live Where The Wild Winds Blow

Dallas Green is a god to people. Much like Anthony Green of Circa Survive, (My Post: Would You Trade Your Soul?) people worship Dallas Green. I'm just not one of them. Apparently the key to being successful in the music world... Continue Reading →

There’s Comfort In The Bottom of a Swimming Pool

The last time I saw The Front Bottoms was about a year ago. They were opening for Say Anything but ended up stealing that show. Last night, they finally got the headlining show they deserved and ended up selling out the... Continue Reading →

My Home Is In Your Heart

I kind of like it when opening bands steal the show from the headliner. Why? Because I get to go home at a decent time and actually get some sleep. Red Sun Rising was the first of the touring bands to... Continue Reading →

There’s No Need For Dreaming

It's like my dad always says, "They are great at what they do, I just hate what they do." That statement perfectly describes last night for me. Indie pop was the name of the game last night at First Avenue.... Continue Reading →

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