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MEAN SEA – “Idiota Blanco”

There for a little bit, I was finding a lot of amazing music based out of Germany. Now it seems like it has been all about the east coast. Although I've been to NYC and DC, I've never really spent... Continue Reading →

The Overrides – “Ideology”

Sometimes you just need a good ol' fashioned punk song to get you going on a weekday. Thank goodness for "Ideology" from The Overrides for giving me just that this morning. This song is fast and punky but also has... Continue Reading →

I Won’t Wither Away

There have been a lot of great shows so far this year but Tuesday night was my first time at a metalcore show in a long while. Metalcore is one of those genres that I hold near and dear to... Continue Reading →

Life In Vacuum – “Lost”

The sheer amount of sound and power in "Lost" from Life in Vacuum makes it hard to believe that this is just a trio. There's something hypnotic about this track and something almost in your face while not being aggressive.... Continue Reading →

Knowall – “Trazadone”

There's something so chill yet so full of life about "Trazadone" from Knowall. It starts off slow and simple before blasting into a heavy hitting pop-punk infused track yet there's something tender about the way it is approached. From the... Continue Reading →

Dusty Cubby – “Yukon Suckerpunch”

"Yukon Suckerpunch" from Dusty Cubby is one of those songs that instantly makes you smile. It's fun, poppy, and a bit in your face. It's that perfect pick me up song for an overcast Tuesday morning when you are struggling... Continue Reading →

Bike Routes – “Airplane”

It's a Monday and it absolutely feel like it. On top of being a Monday, I'm dealing with the remnants of a nasty case of strep throat. I'm lagging but trying not to be too hard on myself as I... Continue Reading →

Kairos – “Million to One”

My "I don't know what to listen to" day is continuing and I feel like nothing that I put on is hitting the spot so that means time to dig into some new music and this time it's coming in... Continue Reading →

True North

Nothing super exciting happened at The Turf Club on Thursday night but that's what made it such a stellar show. Other than a movie playing in the background during the opening act that had both the band, myself, and many... Continue Reading →

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