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Breathe In For Luck

And so begins my birthday week. Honestly, I don't have much planned this year. I think I've just been so busy with work and life in general that I haven't been able to put much thought into it but, let... Continue Reading →

Live Fast, Die Young

Thursday was my last day working for the man. I got home from signing the paperwork saying I was no longer employed by the company that has given me everything over the past nine years, got home, and just melted... Continue Reading →

Watkins – ‘Unbiased Eyes’

Just when I thought I had it all figured out as far as balancing everything I have going on, life threw me a curveball. It was a good curveball but one that definitely took me a bit by surprise and... Continue Reading →

Chris Mardini – ‘Chris Mardini’

I've gotten very used to random packages showing up at my door full of amazing music to listen to but one that stood out for me was the package from Chris Mardini. Not only did it have his new self-titled... Continue Reading →

Pencildive – ‘Grown-Ups’

I'm overwhelmed by everything right now. I feel like that has been the case for the past week. Maybe it's stress over the lack of air conditioning and knowing I will be signing over my bank account this coming week... Continue Reading →

Carpool- ‘Erotic Nightmare Summer’

I spent my weekend back in my hometown with my brother, his girlfriend, and dog to visit my parents. It was a great weekend, don't get me wrong, but I was exhausted and full of anxiety when I got back... Continue Reading →

Birdsall- ‘Hot Money’

Even though Birdsall was raised in Minneapolis, I have never heard his name but, then again, it seems like he has been much more of a "name in the background" rather than a mega-artist with his name in lights. He... Continue Reading →

The Persian Leaps- ‘Smiling Lessons’

Whenever I get an email from a PR agency about a Twin Cities based band, that album or EP always gets moved to the front of my list. Although I claim to know a lot about the local music scene,... Continue Reading →

Zipgun Bomber- ‘Paper Airplanes EP’

We are less than a week away from election night (have you voted?!?!). To say tensions are high would be an understatement and I feel like we are all just kind of wandering around in this weird haze due to... Continue Reading →

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