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Nobody likes To But I Really Like To Cry

I honestly used to dislike Tegan & Sara. Their music made me sad and I know that's not a bad thing but, as a person who is constantly fighting off that next mental breakdown or that next bout of depression,... Continue Reading →

Million-Dollar Smile Resting On My Face

My goal this year was to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to live music. Unfortunately, due to the sheer amount of amazing tours coming through, I feel like I've fallen back into my normal scene. That's... Continue Reading →

Spice Jar – “Cowboy”

I was doing so good today. I was getting so much done and didn't feel my heart rate of blood pressure rising as it typically does. It's just been one of those easy days where you feel like you are... Continue Reading →

Mint Club – “Closer to Closure”

Mint Club's pitch said that "Closer to Closure" was going to feel like "hoppingĀ in a Pop-Punk Time Machine travelling to 2003 and taking what you know in present day and throwing it in a blender." That is honestly a super... Continue Reading →

twentytwo. – “Big Feeling”

Just a couple of weeks ago, I introduce you guys to twentytwo. with their song "The Sound" (you can read it HERE!). Well, I know it hasn't been long but I'm back with another brilliant track from this amazing band.... Continue Reading →

MEAN SEA – “Idiota Blanco”

There for a little bit, I was finding a lot of amazing music based out of Germany. Now it seems like it has been all about the east coast. Although I've been to NYC and DC, I've never really spent... Continue Reading →

The Overrides – “Ideology”

Sometimes you just need a good ol' fashioned punk song to get you going on a weekday. Thank goodness for "Ideology" from The Overrides for giving me just that this morning. This song is fast and punky but also has... Continue Reading →

I Won’t Wither Away

There have been a lot of great shows so far this year but Tuesday night was my first time at a metalcore show in a long while. Metalcore is one of those genres that I hold near and dear to... Continue Reading →

Life In Vacuum – “Lost”

The sheer amount of sound and power in "Lost" from Life in Vacuum makes it hard to believe that this is just a trio. There's something hypnotic about this track and something almost in your face while not being aggressive.... Continue Reading →

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