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Trash Fiasco – “Bastard From A Basket”

I mean, the name of this band says all that you need to know-- well, kind of. Trash Fiasco is a trio from Chicago and I feel like their new single "Bastard From A Basket" is a perfect showcase of... Continue Reading →

Rundown Kreeps – “We All Go”

I'm having a super good day today. Although I'm already falling behind on work for the day, I have gotten a lot done and it has me feeling refreshed and energized. I was looking for something to kind of compliment... Continue Reading →

The Empty Threats – “Boys in the Gutter”

The drum part that kicks off "Boys in the Gutter" by The Empty Threats is fairly simple but it instantly caught my attention. Although that drum part only lasts for a couple of seconds, the song continues into a very... Continue Reading →

Broken Factory Windows – “Imposter”

I wasn't given any information on Broken Factory Windows when I heard "Imposter" for the first time but that didn't matter. I was instantly hooked. This track is angsty, full of passion, and powerful both lyrically and in the instrumentation.... Continue Reading →

Casual Drag – “Something Good”

It's another super snowy day up here in Minneapolis and, although I love the snow, I know a lot of people do not and they are all just looking for something good today. Thankfully, Casual Drag has come in clutch... Continue Reading →

I Want To Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself

Turnstile's new album and the tour they brought through Minneapolis on Friday night was called "Turnstile Love Connection" and that describes my Friday night perfectly. There was something in the air as my boyfriend, brother and I entered The Varsity... Continue Reading →

Comfortably Dumb, Endearing To Some

I am a creature of habit. I like "my spots", "my bartenders", and "my bathroom" at "my venues". It may shock you to find out (although it won't be a shock if you actually know me) that I am a... Continue Reading →

We Live On Front Porches And Swing Life Away

For some reason, the low ticket alerts I kept on seeing regarding the show on Wednesday night had me excited. I honestly don't know why. Typically I get annoyed at sold-out shows just due to the problems it creates when... Continue Reading →

Live Fast, Die Young

Thursday was my last day working for the man. I got home from signing the paperwork saying I was no longer employed by the company that has given me everything over the past nine years, got home, and just melted... Continue Reading →

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