Girl at the Rock Shows



Someday I’ll Appreciate In Value

The amount of people waiting to get into Target Field on Monday night was impressive to say the least. It’s been some time since I’ve seen that many people ready for a rock show and to say that it warmed... Continue Reading →

Don’t Make Me Grow Up

It's crazy what can change in a day. From a sold-out show at The Turf Club on Friday night were the only people wearing masks were the staff to a sold-out show at The Fine Line where nearly 70% of... Continue Reading →

Middle Finger Up

I'm so glad to have my life back. Instead of spending my Saturday night binge-watching some terrible show on TV, I was able to spend it at a high-energy show watching people shove each other around while feeling the beat... Continue Reading →

Suzi Moon – ‘Call The Shots’

I'll be honest, I usually deny requests to cover "EPs" that are less than four songs. I just feel like there's not enough to write about with three or fewer songs but then I heard Suzi Moon's single "Special Place... Continue Reading →

The Writhers- ‘In One Gulp’

The color scheme of The Writhers' 'In One Gulp' is black and hot pink. The package I got the CD in was hot pink. I haven't even heard this album yet or anything from The Writhers yet but I think I'm... Continue Reading →

Twilight Creeps- ‘Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls’

I have no witty intro or anything for this one but, after hearing one single from Twilight Creeps and seeing the album cover, I just can not wait to dig into this new album so let's just go for it!... Continue Reading →

Play Dead- ‘Skint’

I fell in love when I heard "Hide" by Play Dead a couple of weeks ago. There was just something about the track that had me hooked and I honestly couldn't get it out of my head. Lucky for me,... Continue Reading →

The Cheap Cassettes- ‘See Her In Action!’

I need something to give me my second wind. I'm tired but have too much to do to be this tired already. Although the cover of The Cheap Cassettes' 'See Her In Action!' is fairly straightforward, there's something about it... Continue Reading →

Rest Easy- ‘Sick Day EP’

It was a long weekend. Monday's are rough to begin with but today seems a bit rougher than usual as far as fighting off my exhaustion is concerned. With that being said, I need something to jumpstart me tonight so... Continue Reading →

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