Girl at the Rock Shows



Half Dizzy – ‘Courtesy Flush’

My newest cat, Alfie, has decided to stage a revolt against my shower curtain liner. When I shower now, it looks like constellations are shining through the black fabric due to the claw marks. He's doing it again. I can... Continue Reading →

You Wonder Why I’m Always Screaming

Keith Morris is a beast. From The Circle Jerks to Black Flag to OFF!, Keith has done so much for the punk scene and is one of those people that I truly admire for not only the music he makes... Continue Reading →

I’ll Make You Sorry

Another night, another sold out show at The Turf Club in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I don't know what's going on in the scene right now but the amount of smaller sold out shows that I have been attending lately has... Continue Reading →

Split Image – “Prey On My Downfall”

It's a soggy Saturday morning. Honestly, it's pretty gloomy out with no sight of the sun and a constant slow trickle of rain but I'm not going to let that get me down. I'm feeling motivated and full of life... Continue Reading →

Crocodiles – “Love Beyond The Grave”

Although it's sunny here in Minneapolis today, it's cold and we are all still trying to shovel out from the blizzard last night. Thankfully, Crocodiles' "Love Beyond The Grave" is here to help give me all of the sunny California... Continue Reading →

Pink Leather Jackets – “Rock N’Roll Is Dead”

Although I don't agree with the title of this track, there's no denying how flawless "Rock N'Roll Is Dead" from Pink Leather Jackets is. this song is equal parts rage and passion which comes together with a perfectly classic punk-rock... Continue Reading →

Hi. We’ve Never Met.

My Thursday night was spent at The Turf Club reveling in the magic that is the Twin Cities local music scene. It was one of those shows where everything just felt right. Everyone in the audience was clearly having a... Continue Reading →

It’s So Inspiring, The Knives Sharpening

I am a creature of habit. I like my spaces that I know and I like to be surrounded by familiar faces. I got neither of those things at the show on Wednesday night but that added a sense of... Continue Reading →

Descantilleos – “Estos Lodos”

Language means nothing to me when it comes to music. Sure, I'm a lyrics lady but, more so, I am a music lover and when a song is good, it's just good-- it doesn't matter what country it comes from... Continue Reading →

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