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The Writhers- ‘In One Gulp’

The color scheme of The Writhers' 'In One Gulp' is black and hot pink. The package I got the CD in was hot pink. I haven't even heard this album yet or anything from The Writhers yet but I think I'm... Continue Reading →

Twilight Creeps- ‘Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls’

I have no witty intro or anything for this one but, after hearing one single from Twilight Creeps and seeing the album cover, I just can not wait to dig into this new album so let's just go for it!... Continue Reading →

Play Dead- ‘Skint’

I fell in love when I heard "Hide" by Play Dead a couple of weeks ago. There was just something about the track that had me hooked and I honestly couldn't get it out of my head. Lucky for me,... Continue Reading →

The Cheap Cassettes- ‘See Her In Action!’

I need something to give me my second wind. I'm tired but have too much to do to be this tired already. Although the cover of The Cheap Cassettes' 'See Her In Action!' is fairly straightforward, there's something about it... Continue Reading →

Rest Easy- ‘Sick Day EP’

It was a long weekend. Monday's are rough to begin with but today seems a bit rougher than usual as far as fighting off my exhaustion is concerned. With that being said, I need something to jumpstart me tonight so... Continue Reading →

Arm The Poor- ‘Vomnibus’

I've been lacking energy lately. I blame the frigid cold temperatures but, let's be honest, I think it's just me being lazy and probably my mental health taking a slide back into my comfort zone of depression and anxiety. Regardless,... Continue Reading →

Record Thieves- ‘Wasting Time’

There are a couple of bands that I often forget about for no reason but, as soon as they hit my speakers on a random playlist, I am reminded of just how good they are. Authority Zero is one of... Continue Reading →

Trinity Test- ‘Brutal Machine’

My music taste has been all over the place since this whole quarantine thing. Some days I feel somber and revert back to my days of Dashboard Confessional and Death Cab For Cutie. Some days I'm feeling adventourous and dig... Continue Reading →

I’m A Mirror F&*#$@* Image Of No Control

It was snowing as I walked from my car to The Varsity Theater near the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis. Snowing. Literally snowing. It is not even mid-October and it was snowing. White stuff falling from the sky as... Continue Reading →

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