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Mermaid – “Disassociate”

I've been grinding my teeth again this morning. Honestly, I'm not having a bad morning but have one particular client that is stressing me out. I need a moment to "Disassociate" from the work load and get my head on... Continue Reading →

Hands First – “Actor”

Happy Thursday, everyone. Not sure where this week has gone but I'm struggling to come to terms with the fact that it is already Thursday especially given all of the things I still need to get done. Thankfully, I have... Continue Reading →

All To Get Her – “Point Of View”

I have already shared out two singles from All To Get Her ("Dead and Gone" and "Sweet Dopamine"). This should have already been a sign for you to check out this amazing band but, just in case you missed those... Continue Reading →

Town Destroyer – “All My Relations :: Mitakuye Oyasin”

Happy Monday everyone! For better or for worse, we have made it to another week. I'm definitely still recovering from the weekend but ready to take on this week and whatever it has in store. The reason I'm feeling so... Continue Reading →

Cheers! – “Love & Hate”

I have officially hit that post-lunch early-afternoon slump. My eyelids are heavy and the thought of just kicking my feet up onto my desk and taking a quick snooze is definitely tempting but, like usual, I have too much work... Continue Reading →

Tanner J. Royal – “Circles”

I will always be a sucker for a song that is described as "a love letter to the pop-punk music I grew up listening to" so, naturally, I was drawn to Tanner J. Royal's new song "Circles". Beyond that description,... Continue Reading →

Jersey Calling – “Content”

I introduced you all to Jersey Calling just a week ago. I warned you then that I would be preaching this band for the foreseeable future so, here I am, preaching their new single "Content". Okay, maybe calling this a... Continue Reading →

Carrabelle – “Say You”

It's only 8AM and it has already been a day for me. I'm not saying I'm ready to throw in the towel already, more that I just need to take a couple of minutes and just chill so that means... Continue Reading →

An Adolescent Tragedy – “The Xanax Song”

Before I get into the next single I want to share with you today, I just want to put it out there that I don't condone drug use. I don't think taking Xanax is cool or anything like that but... Continue Reading →

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