I have immersed myself in a life of music. Everything in my life is music. I decided to change that up last night.

I went to a hockey game. Like a real, legit, Stanley Cup Playoff game. Minnesota Wild vs. Chicago Blackhawks

I hate sports. I don’t get them. I think they’re dumb and expensive and a waste of time. But that got me thinking…. how is that any different than the concerts I go to?

I spend way too much money on the concert tickets… they spend way too much money on sports tickets.

I’m going to lose my hearing from the loud music… they will lose their hearing from the screaming.

I lose my voice on a daily basis screaming for my favorite band… they lose their voices screaming for their team.

Drinks are stupid expensive at venues… drinks are even more expensive at arenas.

People bad mouth certain bands at shows… people bad mouth the opposing team at a game.

There are fights in the pit… there are fights on the ice.

Boys in bands are cute… Hockey players are cute.

I used to give “sports people” so much crap but after last night, I get it.

Everyone needs to have something in their life that they are overly-passionate about… sports games are just their concerts.


Minnesota Wild

Chicago Blackhawks

Sausage Fest Meter- 8 out of 10

Crowd Surfers- 1 giant flag

Broken Bones- I think a Blackhawks player broke his leg or he was just being a baby

Drunkards Taken Out By Security- They didn’t catch me

Found in the Pit- Not Applicable