Most people go out to their favorite Irish bar (or just bar in general) on St. Patrick’s day. That’s not my style so of course I ended up at a punk show.

Being St. Patrick’s day, people were a little wild. Some people were probably nine hours of drinking in and you could definitely tell. They were slouched over tables and and bar stools became a bargaining tool as everyone just wanted to sit. The bar seemed exhausted. During the open acts, people didn’t really do much other than sip on their beer, that they clearly didn’t need, and step outside every ten minutes to chain smoke. It seemed like this show was going to be a dud but deep down, I knew that would all change.

As soon as Dillinger Four, the legends themselves, took the stage, the crowd woke up and did exactly what I expected them to do… they went nuts, absolutely batshit crazy. It’s amazing to watch a crowd go from basically sleeping on tables to a full on clusterfuck of a mosh pit. It’s amazing, inspiring, energizing, it’s perfect.

The energy of the crowd made me forget that this show was running on punk time. What is punk time you may ask? Punk time is the clock that punk bands tend to run on which is no clock at all. Set times were released earlier in the day stated that D4 would be on at 11. That was late enough for me on a work night but I wasn’t going to miss this show for anything. The clock hit 11 and there was still no one on stage. Finally, at 11:30 D4 took the stage. I was exhausted but as soon as that crowd got a glimpse of the full band and started pushing and shoving, I completely forgot about my exhaustion and the fact that I would have to be up in a short couple hours for work again.

The music was everything I expected it to be… messy, unclean, a cluster (much like the crowd) but perfect. Now that I’ve seen D4 a couple of times, I’ve figured out what to expect and that’s why I keep going back. They have great banter between each other and the crowd. Each show is different but each member has their own quirks that you can see throughout all of the shows. For example, Paddy always insists on singing a Morrissey song which annoys the crap out of the other members of the band (and the crowd). It’s always the same song, always the same line from said song, I always know it’s coming when I hear him play the bass line but yet I still find myself laughing at it every single time. Dillinger 4 is like a never ending dad joke and that’s why I enjoy them.

Like I mentioned last time I saw these guys (in my post: This Is What We Can Afford), Dillinger Four is far from perfect live. Their shows are informal and more of a hangout than a show. Dillinger Four shows are the epitome of my favorite kind of show. It’s the kind of show where you can walk in alone and instantly feel surrounded by new friends. It’s the kind of show where no one cares what the hell you do as long as you have a great time. You want to mosh? Great! You want to stand in the back? Great! You want to get on stage and stage dive? Great! You want to get too drunk to stand? Great! No one is going to judge you because everyone is just there to have a great time.

I could have gone out to the bars with my friends to celebrate St. Patrick’s day but in true “Girl at the Rock Shows” fashion, I found myself at an amazing concert and had more fun than anyone could have just drinking at a bar. It was the biggest clusterfuck of a show I have been to in awhile but that’s what made it absolutely perfect.

Line Up:

Cherry Cola

Bug Fix

Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band

Dillinger Four


Venue: Turf Club

Sausage Fest Meter-  300 out of 10 (It was a near sold out show and there were maybe 25 females)

Broken Bones- None

Spotted Flying Through the Air- Shoes, Hats, St. Patrick’s Day Beads, Beer, Cans, Cups

Average Age- 30

Level of Moshing- Moderate/ Fun to Watch

Crowd Surfers- 16

Stage Divers- 23

Random Shirtless Guys in the Pit- 1

Fights- None

Greatest Quotes of the Night- “This is the greatest Fourth of July ever!”- Paddy of D4; “This has been a great Valentine’s Day”- Paddy of D4

Most Questionable Moment of the Night- Paddy of D4 walked onto stage with a bottle of Sriracha hot sauce. I wonder what he did with it.

Drunkards Taken Out By Security- Only 1 noticed but there had to have been more

Celebrity Sightings- Adam DeGross (he’s an amazing photographer up here); Ryan from Off With Their Heads

Overall Score- 8 out of 10