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Outloved x Ocean Sleeper – “Tourniquet”

Are you in the mood for something slightly heavy? If so, I have a treat for you and that is "Tourniquet" from Outloved featuring Ocean Sleeper. A collaboration between two amazing Australian groups, "Tourniquet" has an undeniable sense of angst... Continue Reading →

Saving Face – “Vacant”

I needed something heavy this afternoon. I don't know why but the indie-pop playlist that has been swirling around my house just isn't doing it for me anymore today. Thankfully, the next single I had on my list to check... Continue Reading →

Dial Denial – “Overtime”

"Overtime" from Dial Denial is all over the place stylistically and that's what makes it such a stand out track. From catchy choruses to angst and passion with every word-- this song is part emo, part pop-punk, and full energy.... Continue Reading →

The Empty Threats – “Boys in the Gutter”

The drum part that kicks off "Boys in the Gutter" by The Empty Threats is fairly simple but it instantly caught my attention. Although that drum part only lasts for a couple of seconds, the song continues into a very... Continue Reading →

Big Drink – “For The Clout”

UK-based Big Drink definitely hits the pop-punk nail on the head perfectly with their new track "For The Clout". This song wastes no time and instantly jumps into a classic pop-punk meets metalcore vibe much like back when A Day... Continue Reading →

Psychopathic But It’s Okay

I don't know if I'm still just trying to recover from back-to-back music festivals (shout out Riot Fest and Punk Rock Bowling for being amazing this year) or what but I made a huge rookie mistake last night. I've been... Continue Reading →

Dalai Lama, Big Banana, Marijuana

  Last night was the perfect concert to go to after suffering through one show on Sunday (that I didn't even write about because I had absolutely NOTHING nice to say about it) and then having two nights off. I... Continue Reading →

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